"Designated Workers for Designated Skills" Provision

The first phase of “Construction Workers Registration Ordinance” (CWRO) has been implemented since 1 September 2007; any person carries out construction works at a construction site should be a registered construction workers. With a more stringent quality requirement of construction works and keen demand of skilled workers in the industry, the remaining phase of CWRO, namely the “Designated workers for designated skills” provision stipulates that, except specified circumstances, only registered skilled workers or semi-skilled workers of designated trade divisions are allowed to independently carry out construction works of related trade divisions on construction sites. This aims at enhancing the quality of construction works and career status of construction workers. This provision has come into implementation starting from April 2017. For more details, please refer to the following items.


Enrolment for Seminars on "Designated Workers for Designated Skills"

Powerpoint of Seminars on "Designated Workers for Designated Skills" (Chinese Only)

Powerpoint of Briefing Sessions on Construction Sites (Chinese Only)


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