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Register of Construction Workers

Register of Construction Workers

Points to Note

According to sections 37(1)(a) and 38(2) of the Construction Workers Registration Ordinance (Cap. 583), the Registrar of Construction Workers shall establish and maintain a Register of Construction Workers (the Register) for the purpose of enabling a member of the public -

  1. to ascertain whether a person is a registered construction worker; and
  2. if that person is a registered construction worker, to ascertain the particulars of the registration of that person.

Information of registered construction workers in the Register shall only be used for the purpose specified above. Any misuse of the information therein may constitute contravention of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap.486).

For enquiries, please contact 2873 1911.

1) I acknowledge the purpose of the Register of Construction Workers, the use limitations and the adverse consequences of misuse of requested information.

2) I confirm that the retrieved information will only be used for the specified purpose.

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