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Urban Forestry Support Fund - Trainee Programme


The Trainee Programme under the Urban Forestry Support Fund encourages employers to engage and train arboriculture and tree management graduates to become quality arborists, tree risk assessors, tree work supervisors, tree climbers and tree climber cum chainsaw operators to support tree management and maintenance work in Hong Kong.

As commissioned by the Government, the Construction Industry Council administers the “Urban Forestry Support Fund - Trainee Programme” and follows the “first-hire-then-train” principle. The programme will provide a training allowance of about 30 per cent of agreed monthly remuneration levels to the trainees through their employers, as well as a bonus of $34,000 and $24,000 at maximum upon their acquisition of recognised arborist / tree risk assessor / tree work supervisor and tree climber and  tree climber cum chainsaw operator professional qualifications respectively.  The training period for arborist trainee, tree risk assessor trainee and tree work supervisor trainee are three years.  The training period for tree climber trainee is 18 months and that for tree climber cum chainsaw operator trainee is 24 months.

Eligible employers are invited to participate in the Trainee Programme to take in arborist, tree risk assessor, tree work supervisor, tree climber and tree climber cum chainsaw operator trainees at agreed or higher remuneration levels (including the training allowances provided under the programme). They are also required to provide structured training that meets stipulated requirements.

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