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Task Force on Short-term Labour Supply

Manpower shortage is one of the most pressing issues facing the construction industry of Hong Kong. While CIC and other counterparts have been stepping up to attract local workforce to boost the labour supply through various training programmes and many other initiatives, shortages of skilled labour exist and may be blighting our industry in the immediate years to come. In view of this, the CIC has formed a Task Force on Short-Term Labour Supply to tackle the tight manpower situation, involving both employer and employee representatives from the industry.

Terms of Reference

  1. To establish an overview of the short-term (i.e. within 4 years) employment situations of various skill trades in the local construction labour market;
  2. To devise an approach to streamline the process of Supplementary Labour Scheme (SLS) for the construction industry which include:
    (a) identification of a list of trades with short-term shortages;
    (b) formulation of standard recruitment requirements for individual trades in (a) above, including the prevailing market wage levels;
    (c) establishing a mechanism to regularly review the list of trades and their market wage levels in (a) and (b); and
    (d) other suitable measures ;
  3. To suggest other initiatives as deemed appropriate to cope with the short-term labour demand in the local construction industry; and
  4. To suggest adjustments, if necessary, on an ad-hoc basis.

Last Updated: 2019-03-18 16:54:36