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We provide Construction Workers Registration service, and introduce Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme as well as the Technically Competent Persons Registration Scheme to the construction industry.

Construction Workers Registration System (CWRS)

The CWRS is developed for the implementation of the registration system for construction workers as required by the Construction Workers Registration Ordinance (Cap.583). The new system aims to provide the industry with an automated and convenient platform to collect and manage the daily attendance records (DAR) of registered workers.The CWRS has been fully implemented since 30 September 2017 to replace the Computerised Registration Management System (CRMS) and its associated Site Attendance Module Programme (SATM).


Construction Workers Registration

The “Designated workers for designated skills” provision under the “Construction Workers Registration Ordinance” has come into implementation starting from April 2017. It stipulates that, except specified circumstances, only registered skilled workers or semi-skilled workers of designated trade divisions are allowed to independently carry out construction works of related trade divisions on construction sites.


Scholarships for Family Members of Registered Construction Workers

It aims to commend students whose parents, siblings or legal guardians are registered construction workers for their outstanding academic achievements in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE).


Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme

The Scheme aims to build up a pool of professional and responsible trade contractors with specialised skills through recognised registration system for development of the construction industry.


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