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Industry Development

There are nine departments under Industry Development.  The current core initiatives being undertaken include design for safety, digitalisation, industralisation, and embracing innovation and advanced technologies

Industry Development Webinars are organised for industry stakeholders, for the sharing of knowledge and promotion of innovation and technology adoption in construction.

Construction Business Development and Mainland Liaison

The CIC aims to foster an efficient and healthy construction market through best practices and innovative solutions in areas such as tendering, project management, quality supervision and risk allocation.  In recent years, the CIC strives to facilitate local industry stakeholders in exploring the supply chain in the Greater Bay Area, and to strengthen exchanges across the borders.

Boards and Committees

Construction Digitalisation

The CIC continues to promote and facilitate wider adoption of construction digitalisation and related technologies in architecture, engineering, construction and operation, as well as formulating strategies for market transformation and promoting cross-discipline collaboration in the industry. The CIC provides support to the industry in five areas, via promotion on construction digitalisation adoption, standards and guidelines, training, BIM personnel certification and BIM course accreditation, and construction digitalisation-related research using CIC's Research and Technology Development Fund. For more details, click HERE


Construction Innovation & Technology Application Centre (CITAC)

The CIC has established CITAC to serve as a knowledge hub by collecting, showcasing and promulgating the latest local and overseas construction technologies with a view to promoting the implementation and application of construction innovation.  For more details, click HERE

Boards and Committees

The Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF)

The CIC administers the HK$2.2 billion CITF established in 2018 to encourage wider adoption of innovative technologies in the construction industry with a view to promoting productivity, uplifting built quality, improving site safety and enhancing environmental performance and to build up the capacity of industry practitioners and construction-related students to foster the mind-set to espouse new technologies. For more details, click HERE

Boards and Committees

Construction Productivity

The CIC identifies and promotes the adoption of advanced technologies and construction methods to elevate the industry’s productivity.  Focused areas include promoting the adoption of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and driving the development and implementation of robotics & automation.  The CIC supports research in construction technologies and materials through CIC’s Research and Technology Development Fund (R&D Fund).  In addition, the CIC provides construction expenditure forecast and manpower forecast, and has established dashboards to provide industry’s key performance indicators for reference.  For more details on Research and Data, click HERE

Boards and Committees

Construction Safety

The CIC implements initiatives and measures for fostering a positive safety culture in the construction industry.  These include reviewing and monitoring safety performance, encouraging the adoption of new technologies to improve safety, enhancing the mechanism of safety management, providing guidelines on accident preventive measures and sharing good practices in relation to construction safety to improve safety performance.  For more details, click HERE

Boards and Committees

Environment & Sustainability

The CIC has been working as a proactive communication platform to promote sustainable construction among organisations and industry practitioners of the construction industry.  Sustainable construction is one of the essential aspects that helps to reduce the industry’s impact on the environment, society and economy.  For more details, click HERE

Boards and Committees

Modular Integrated Construction (MiC)

With an aim to facilitating wide adoption of MiC in Hong Kong, the CIC keeps abreast of the latest MiC trends and development worldwide.  The CIC provides information on relevant regulations and guidelines, as well as updates on MiC projects.  The CIC has set up a Resources Centre to share information and experience, engages industry stakeholders, and addresses their concerns for achieving success in their MiC journey.  For more details, click HERE

Repair, Maintenance, Alteration and Addition​​

The CIC is dedicated to the enhancement and development of the Repair, Maintenance, Addition & Alteration (RMAA) industry. RMAA being one of the vital pillars of the construction process, via Worker Training, Promotion & Education, Standardisation and Supervision Matters, CIC aims to train high quality and safety-minded workers and improve industry and public standards for the long term development of the industry.​ For more details, click HERE

Boards and Committees


The “iHub” guided tours connect 4 main exhibition centres of CIC, including CIC Digital Twin Hub, Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre (CITAC), MiC Resources Centre and CIC-Zero Carbon Park (CIC-ZCP). Construction practitioners, fresh graduates, current students and general public are all welcomed to explore the construction industry in a fun and educational way. For more details, click HERE



Industry Development Webinars are organised for industry stakeholders, for the sharing of knowledge and promotion of innovation and technology adoption in construction. 



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