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In 2023, the Works Branch of the Development Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (DEVB) has issued Technical Circular (Works) No. 3/2023 promulgating the adoption of Smart Site Safety System (4S) in public works projects with a contract sum exceeding $30 million.

DEVB and the Construction Industry Council (CIC) has collaborate to establish the Smart Site Safety System Labelling Scheme (4SLS) to drive the full adoption of 4S in both public and private works contracts in order to further uplift the safety performance of the construction industry.

The main contractors that have interest to add their works projects in the 4SLS can apply directly to the CIC. If 4S has been satisfactorily adopted, an electronic copy of the 4S label will be issued for printing and displaying at the entrances of the site for labelled project. Information of the labelled projects will be listed on the CIC website and provided to Labour Department.



Benefits of Acquiring the 4S Label

  1. Uplift the safety of the construction site
  2. Encourage 4S adoption among the industry
  3. Recognise the 4S adoption by developers and main contractors
  4. Create better corporate image/ ESG engagement



Assessment Criteria

  1. Risks should be identified based on the scope and nature and/or risk(s) of construction works. A comprehensive risk assessment should be done by the safety officer and determination of risks should be referred to the “Code of Practice on Safety Management” issued by Labour Department.
  2. Relevant 4S solutions should be applied to address respective risks identified. If one solution is applied to mitigate certain risks, it should be adopted broadly across different times and locations whenever applicable.
  3. Location plans for the 4S devices, sensors/cameras setup during the works should be submitted to demonstrate the proper implementation of 4S solutions. For 4S solutions without a fixed location, such as smart wearables, operation arrangements or other related documents describing the use of the solutions should be submitted.
  4. Proper installation and continuous functioning of 4S solutions should be demonstrated during the site inspection conducted after the expected deployment date.



Application and Renewal Fee

  1. Application fee is waived before 1 January 2025.



Application Procedure

  1. The applicant visits 4SLS webpage ( and read the application guide.
  2. The applicant verifies and submits the application.
  3. CIC and DEVB conduct assessment and site inspection.
  4. CIC notifies the applicant of the application result.
  5. CIC publishes the project applying and the project successfully granted 4S Label on the list of 4S Labelled project.

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Renewal Requirement

Each new application and renewal will be valid for one year. The label will be lapsed automatically if no renewal application is made.



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