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CIC Research Fund Application


The CIC believes that research and innovation are of great importance to the sustainable development of the Hong Kong construction industry. Hence, CIC is committed to working closely with industry stakeholders to drive innovation and initiate practical research projects. The CIC Research and Technology Development Fund (R&D Fund) is set up to provide financial support for research projects which can benefit the Hong Kong construction industry through practical application of the research outcomes, covering the areas of (i) Building Information Modelling (BIM); (ii) Construction Procurement and Project Management; (iii) Construction Productivity; (iv) Construction Safety; and (v) Green Construction.

The Research Policy herein attached provides details of the CIC research framework and CIC funding and/or technical support to research institutes.

Download the CIC Research Policy (PDF)

 CIC R&D Fund Leaflet

Research Agenda 2024

Download the CIC Research Application Form (MS Word)

Explorative Project SchemeSite Trial Scheme Collaborative Project Scheme KPI Improvement Project Scheme 

The application is now closed. 
Deadline of Application: 05 April 2024

CIC Supporting Letters for Other Research Fundings (No Financial Committment)

The CIC welcomes all innovative ideas which could be beneficial to the construction industry. Applicants seeking our support in your research application to other local and overseas research fundings, given no financial commitment will be made by the CIC, can refer to the below details and submit your application to the CIC R&D Team at [email protected] for our consideration.

Timeline & Assessment Criteria

Download the CIC Supporting Letter Application Form (MS Word)

Application Form

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