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Construction-related E&M Craftsmen

Construction-related E&M Craftsmen


Since 2005, the Construction Industry Council (previously the Construction Industry Training Authority) has been conducting trade tests for construction craftsmen. The main objectives for trade test are:-

1. To set out standard of qualification for craftsmen;

2. To assist the industry in the proper selection of skilled craftsmen;

3. To facilitate the acquisition of recognised qualifications and to enhance the status and career development of skilled craftsmen.

Test Format and Test Fee

The Council is currently conducting the following 15 trade tests for Construction Craftsmen.

The mock test paper of each trade below is for reference only, actual test content and dimensions should be based on the test paper to be used on the test day.

  Trade Name Trade Test Video Test Format   Test Fee
      Written Test Practical Test    
1 Control Panel Assembler       # Normal test fee for first attempt is $300.
However, a $150 discount is offered for application submitted now, and the net discounted test fee is $150.
2 Electrical Wireman       #
3 Fire Service Electrical Fitter       #
4 Fire Service Mechanical Fitter       #
5 Mechanical Fitter       #
6 Refrigeration
Ventilation Mechanic
(Air System)
7 Refrigeration
Ventilation Mechanic
(Electrical Control)
8 Refrigeration
Ventilation Mechanic
(Thermal Insulation)
9 Refrigeration
Ventilation Mechanic
(Unitary System)
10 Refrigeration
Ventilation Mechanic
(Water System)
11 Building Security System Mechanic       #
12 Communication System Mechanic       #
13 Cable Jointer (Low Voltage)       #
14 Overhead Linesman       #
15 Cable Jointer (Dead Cable)       #
Anticipated Trade Test Waiting Time
# waiting time would be around two to three months approximately.


Applicants have to be Hong Kong residents who are at least 18 years of age.

Applicants must have a minimum of four years relevant working experience. Applicant who possesses the corresponding Intermediate Trade Test Certificates should only need at least 1 year of relevant working experience after the qualification.

Applications with three years relevant working experience (instead of four) are also eligible to take the test if applicants possess a relevant Craft Certificate awarded by:

  1. The Hong Kong Instutute of Vocational Education, or
  2. The Construction Industry Council;

Applicants who possess:

  1. A relevant Craft Certicate awarded by the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, or
  2. Any other qualifications deemed by the Building and Civil Engineering Training Board to be equivalent to (1) above may be exempted from the trade knowledge part of the trade test.

Award of Certificate

  1. Trade Test Certificate – passes all the test papers;
  2. Intermediate Trade Test Certificate – failed the practical test but the results reached the required skill level of the relevant Intermediate Trade Test (if Intermediate Trade Test is available for the trade).

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