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CIC Power Talk / CIC Construction Talk

CIC Power Talk / CIC Construction Talk

The CIC launches a brand new online series "CIC Power Talk / CIC Construction Talk" so as to better connect the young professionals and the public to promulgate the vibrant community in our construction industry. Starting from October, our honorable guests from different fields will share their professional expertise and experience every Friday in a leisure way.





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CIC Outstanding Contractor Award 2021 - Briefing Session for Application

Contractors play an instrumental role in the delivery of housing, municipal facilities to world-class infrastructure projects and are the key pillar of the construction industry. CIC is organising the inaugural “CIC Outstanding Contractor Award”(OCA) in 2021 to recognise exceptional local contractors for their performances and contribution to the industry and the society.

This webinar will introduce the judging criteria and information on application of OCA to public.

Ir Rocky POON, Chairperson, Committee on Construction Business Development, Construction Industry Council

Time: 4:00pm - 5:00 pm



CIC Sustainable Construction Award Sharing Session

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) launches its second Sustainable Construction Award in 2020 to recognise sustainability best practices among organisations and practitioners, in particular the young generation of the construction industry. The award winners will showcase their advanced and innovative measures on sustainability during the sharing session.

Mr. Billy HSIE, Senior Manager, Projects, Airport Authority 

Mr. Michael WONG, Construction Manager, Sanfield-Gammon Construction JV Company Limited 

Mr. CHAN Kwan-yuen, Project Mechanic, Shui On Building Contractors Limited

Time: 4:00pm - 5:00 pm



Where Next for MTR Projects

As MTR embarks on a new cycle of railway extension projects, this webinar provides an excellent opportunity for you to gain an insight into the future railway project pipeline in Hong Kong.  It will cover project scope, features and programme, as well as the new ways of working MTR is planning to adopt in implementing the new projects, including NEC4, BIM, Deisgn for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA), partnering and strong stakeholder engagement. Take this chance to understand expectations of the supply chain on MTR new projects and exchange ideas with Roger Bayliss, MTR Capital Works Director!

Mr. Roger BAYLISS, Capital Works Director of MTR Corporation Limited

Time: 4:00pm - 5:30 pm



CIC Construction Digitalisation Award 2021 Briefing - Tips and FAQ

The CIC Construction Digitalisation Award 2021 aims to recognise outstanding local projects and local organisations for their contribution in the promotion and adoption of digitalisation tools and workflows, and in bringing about innovation in these areas to improve productivity, quality, sustainability and safety, with measurable KPIs.The Award is divided into two categories, namely “Project” and “Organisation”. The “Organisation” category is further divided into six sub-categories, consisting of Client (Government, Public Client and Developer), Consultant, Contractor Category A, Contractor Category B, Training/ Research Institute and Start-up Company. Gold, silver, bronze awards and merit certificates are set up for Project category and each sub-category of the Organisation. The Award submissions are now open until 30 June 2021.

After attending the briefing, you will better understand and get prepared on the application of the Award, including:

  • Are you eligible to apply?

  • How to apply?

  • What are the judging criteria?

  • Tips on filling application form

  • FAQ

Ir Thomas TONG, General Manager – Innovation & Technology Development, Construction Industry Council;

Ir Dr. George WONG, Manager – Building Information Modelling, Construction Industry Council

Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm



BIM Adoption Survey 2020

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) has conducted a region-based BIM Adoption Survey in the year of 2020, with the aims to establish a fuller picture of the BIM adoption situation in the Hong Kong construction industry and a baseline for benchmarking BIM adoption.

This survey reached out to Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operation (AECO) organisations from 7 key stakeholder groups (including government departments; statutory bodies; real estate developers and asset owners; consultants specialised in design, engineering and surveying; BIM consultants; main contractors; and subcontractors). Responses from over 480 organisations were received.

In this webinar, the CIC will introduce the results of the survey. The CIC will also talk about the transition needs to be taken, and recommendations to address the hurdles and challenges faced by different stakeholders and to realise the benefits of BIM.

Ar. Ada FUNG, Chairperson, Committee on BIM, Construction Industry Council

Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm



Webinar for the North Lantau Hospital Hong Kong Infection Control Centre (HKICC)

To cope with the COVID -19, the Hong Kong Government has built the Infection Control Centre (HKICC) with 136 Negative Pressure Wards and 816 beds at AsiaWorld - Expo, which was completed in January 2021. This is the first Infection Control Centre built with MiC method in Hong Kong.  The project only took about 4 months which is much faster than a hospital built with traditional building method. In this webinar, we will invite representatives of the project team from Architectural Services Department and China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited to share the design concept and how the MiC technology was applied in this project.

Mr. Allen LEUNG, Project Director 4, Architectural Services Department

Mr. Ben YEUNG, Chief Technical Adviser/ Central Management Division 1,  Architectural Services Department

Mr. ZHANG Yi, Assistant President, China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited

Mr. Sunny AU, Project Director,              China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited

[Special Arrangement]

Time: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm



Sharing on the Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Link Project

The Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Link, one of the major infrastructure projects in Hong Kong, was opened to traffic in December 2020. The 9 km tunnel is the longest and deepest subsea road tunnel in Hong Kong. Due to the complexity of the project, the project team adopted innovative methods and techniques to overcome the challenges when constructing the tunnel. Speakers will share to us how they tackle the challenges in the Northern Connection project.

Ir Albert CHENG, Executive Director, Construction Industry Council

Ir Chris WONG, Principal Government Engineer/Special Tasks, Highways Department

Ir Wes JONES, Managing Director, Dragages Hong Kong Limited



Launching Ceremony of CIC Outstanding Contractor Award 2021

To encourage professionalism among contractors, CIC launches the inaugural Outstanding Contractor Award in 2021 to recognise main contractors and specialist contractors with exceptional performances. CIC will conduct the Launching Ceremony to introduce the Award details.

Ir LAM Sai-hung, Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) of Development Bureau



Construction Training in Hong Kong - A New Chapter


The Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC) offers diversified programmes in construction training covering from youngsters to in-service professionals. The speaker would illustrate the key milestones achieved since 1975 in the ex-CITA era, the new elements in HKIC full-time programmes & School of Professional Development in Construction (SPDC) part-time courses and our uplifted campuses facilities. While the two graduates, one as the 46th WorldSkills Hong Kong Team Competitor and the other one as an apprentice of the Construction Industry Council Approved Technical Talents Training Programmes (CICATP), would share their journey and aspiration in the construction industry.

Ir Dr. Francis WONG, Director of Hong Kong Institute of Construction


Mr. WONG Chak-ho, Hong Kong Team Competitor of the 46th WorldSkills Competition in 2022 (Plumbing and Heating)


Mr. CHAN Chun-hei, Plastering Apprentice of Gammon Construction Limited



Building Hong Kong into a Smart City

Digitalisation is a key for Hong Kong's transformation into a world class smart city. Having regard to this opportunity ahead, how can SME and construction industry practitioners take the chance of digitalisation and move forward?

We are happy to have Mr. Tony WONG, Deputy Government Chief Information Officer from the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, to share with us insights on building Hong Kong into a Smart City and tips for embracing the challenges.

Mr. Tony WONG, Deputy Government Chief Information Officer, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer



International Symposium on Unlocking Innovation in Construction through 5G Technology

Co-organised by Construction Industry Council (CIC) and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), the Symposium will focus on “Digitalisation and Automation supported by 5G Technology”, bringing together local and international professional and experts to exchange views on transforming the construction industry.

Mr. Shawn SHAO,Chief Architect, Wireless - Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, China

Mr. Yan SONG,Vice President - Guangdong Bright Dream Robotics Co., Ltd, China

Ir Derek SO, Executive Director - Hip Hing Construction Co., Ltd, Hong Kong



Sustainable Construction 


Sustainable Profitability

Since 2016, Hong Kong listed companies are required to comply with the "Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting Guidelines". ESG advocates incorporating environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance into corporate management. To complement the past practice of mainly focusing the financial performance, ESG focuses on the corporates’ long-term sustainable economic, social and environmental development with ultimate goal to achieve a win-win situation. Considering ESG in corporate, how can we strike a balance between sustainable construction and sustainable profitability?

Mr. Joseph LAW, Senior Director – Planning & Development of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

Mr. Bill HO, General Manager (Corporate Development) of The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd.

Mr. Victor C L KWONG, General Manager - Corporate Sustainability of The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited

Ms. Grace KWOK,  Chairman and Executive Director, Allied Sustainability and Environmental Consultants Group Limited



SciTech Challenge 2020 Award Winners Sharing

Co-organised by CIC and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. SciTech Challenge is an open competition for innovators to pitch their products and solutions to industry industrial end users. The theme is Sensory Technology for Construction this year. After a series of training, workshops and mentorship in these months, awardees will share their products, experiences and feelings about this competition.

Open group Champion: Node THL

Student group Champion: HeightSecure Technologies



Role of URA on Building Rehabilitation

The presentation will show the role of URA on building rehabilitation in the past, present, and in future.

Mr. Peter WONG, General Manager, Building Rehabilitation of URA



Accommodating a Co-creation Community in InnoCell - Technology Breakthrough with MiC

Projected to open at the end of 2020, InnoCell is a smart living and co-creation residence to spark collaboration within the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks. The 17-storey high complex is built using Modular Integrated Construction, an innovative solution recognised for improving construction productivity, building quality, safety and sustainability.

Ir Felix TANG, Project Director of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

Ms. Ivy LEE, Managing Director of Leigh & Orange Limited



CIC Sustainable Construction Award Conference and Presentation Ceremony

The CIC launches its second Sustainable Construction Award this year to recognise sustainability best practices among organisations and practitioners, in particular the young generation of the construction industry. Throughout this signature event, it is expected that renowned speakers and construction leaders will share the green finance opportunities and new era of sustainable construction in HK and GBA.

Mr. Michael WONG Wai-lun, Secretary for Development, Development Bureau

Mr. Ivan FU, Chairperson, Committee on Environment, CIC

Mr. Paul CHONG, Chairperson, ZCB Management Board

Prof. LAM Kwan-sing, Chairperson, Award Judging Panel for Organisations Category

Mr. CHEUNG Hau-wai, Chairperson, Award Judging Panel for Industry Practitioners Category

Mr. Wilkie LEE, Executive Director, Kerry Properties (H.K.) Limited

Mr. Tony WONG, Director, Gammon Construction Limited

[Special Arrangement]

Time: 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm



Review of Life First - Innovation on Construction Safety

The CIC launched the “Life First” Campaign in August 2020,  which was an industry-wide construction safety campaign, gathering efforts from all stakeholders with an aim to enhance safety awareness among the construction industry and raise safety standards on sites.

Following this Campaign, the CIC continues to promote initiatives and measures and work closely with industry stakeholders for enhancing awareness of safety in the construction industry. To this end, we invite stakeholders to share thoughts on collaboration and adoption of innovative solutions to improve site safety.

Ir Dr. Derrick PANG, Chairperson of Committee on Construction Safety

Mr. Rex WONG, Chairman of Health & Safety Committee, Hong Kong Construction Association

Ir Dr. Conrad WONG, Vice Chairman,
Yau Lee Holdings Limited



How's Life with 5G

In this talk, we are happy to have Mr. Daniel LEUNG, the Head of Business Markets at SmarTone Telecommunications Holdings Limited, to share with us his vision on the potential for 5G in construction industry.

Talk highlights:
- What is 5G?
- 5G Applications in the Real World
- Exploring 5G applications in Construction Industry

Mr. CHAN Ka-kui, Chairman of CIC

Mr. Daniel LEUNG, Head of Business Markets, SmarTone


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