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Construction Tradesman Collaborative Training Scheme (CTS)

2018 Initial Training Schedule

Construction Tradesman Collaborative Training Scheme


Since its establishment, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) has been providing a wide range of training programmes for different trades for those who wish to be trained professionally and then to work in the construction industry. CIC has initiated five cooperative training schemes between year 2011 and 2014 to collaboratively train up Intermediate Tradesmen with the industry. Under these schemes, trainees are recruited on a first-hire-then-train basis and primarily trained on-site. In support of the schemes, the CIC provides subsidy to employers and trainees.

In order to optimise the current collaborative training schemes, the CIC implements the "Construction Tradesman Collaborative Training Scheme" (CTS). The scheme aims at integrating the current five cooperative training schemes, also focusing on trades with severe labour shortage and simplifying the application procedure.

Employers who interest in the Scheme will first submit a CTS application form indicating their proposal, upon approval by the CIC, the employer can then recruit suitable trainees and provide training to the trainees under CIC’s supervision. Duration of training is fixed at 3 months or 6 months, subject to different trades.


Category Work Trade Training Period
Building and Civil Work Trade
(B&C Trade)
Bar Bender and Fixer
Carpenter (Formwork - Building Construction/ Civil Construction)
Site Surveying (Leveller)
Surveying & Setting Out (Leveller)
Painter and Decorator
Marble Worker (Polishing)
Tower Crane Workers' Assistant
Underwater Geotextile Special Barge Operator
Underwater Band Drain Special Barge Operator
Sand Pumping Barge Operation Supervisor
Anchor Boat Operator
Rock Placing Pelican Barge Operator
6 months
Metal Worker
General Welder
Metal Scaffolder and Metal Formwork Erector
Crawler-mounted Mobile Crane Operator
Crawler-mounted Mobile Crane Operator (Apprentices Scheme)
Wheeled Telescopic Mobile Crane Operator
Wheeled Telescopic Mobile Crane Operator (Apprentices Scheme)
Ground Investigation Operator
Tower Crane Operator
3 months
Electrical & Mechanical Work Trade
(E&M Trade)
Electrical Wireman
Fire Service Mechanical Fitter
Refrigeration / Air-conditioning / Ventilation Mechanic (Air System)
Refrigeration / Air-conditioning / Ventilation Mechanic (Thermal Insulation)
Refrigeration / Air-conditioning / Ventilation Mechanic (Water System)
6 months


Eligible Employers

  • Main contractors / Sub-Contractors registered under the Sub-contractors Registration Scheme; and
  • Have at least one construction contract, while the nature of construction must be appropriate to the type of workers to be trained under the proposal.

Enquiry: 2100 9000

Scheme information


Application form

2018 Initial Training Schedule

2019 Initial Training Schedule

Registration for the "Construction Tradesman Collaborative Training Scheme" (CTS) Recruitment Day

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