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Contractor Cooperative Training Scheme (E&M Trades)

Contractor Cooperative Training Scheme (E&M Trades)


Since its establishment, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) has been providing a wide range of training programmes for different trades to those who wish to be trained professionally and then to work in the construction industry. Following the launching of the ten major infrastructure projects and the development of mass transit railway system, there is a substantial growth in the labour demand in E&M trades in recent years. To cope with the imminent demand of manpower shortage, CIC promotes Contractor Cooperative Training Scheme - E&M Trades (CCTS (E&M)) and cooperate with contractors in providing the respective on-site training to increase the overall training capacity as well as to attract new-blood to the industry.

Contractors who are interested in the Scheme need to submit a copy of CCTS (E&M) application form indicating their proposal in regard to course contents, project contract, trainers’ qualification, number of training places and particulars of training supervisor. Upon approved by Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), the contractor can recruit suitable trainees and provide training to the trainees under CIC’s supervision. Duration of training is 150 days.

Enquires: 2100 9000

Framework Document - E&M Work Trades in E&M Main Contracts

Application Form (E&M) Contracts

Framework Document - E&M Work Trades in Building / Civil Engineering Main Contracts

Application Form (Building / Civil Engineering) Contracts


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