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CIC Research Fund Application


One of the main functions of CIC is to encourage research activities and the use of innovative techniques and, to establish or promote the establishment of standards for the construction industry. CIC focuses on research projects that are directly related to the needs of the industry. Research projects can be further divided into applied research projects and thematic research projects. The former aims directly at problem solving and productivity enhancements. The latter aims to identify the issues related to particular themes and recommend possible solutions.

CIC from time-to-time identifies the needs of the construction industry on research projects and initiates research projects through inviting appropriate service providers to conduct the research. CIC will also consider providing funding support for research projects which aim to benefit the local construction industry through practical application of the research results.

The Research Policy herein attached provides details of the CIC research framework and CIC funding and/or technical support to research institutes.

Download the CIC Research Policy (PDF)

Download the CIC Research Application Form (MS Word)

Research proposal submission deadline for 2017: 29 September 2017 (Application for 2018 will be announced soon)

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