Construction Tradesman Collaborative Training Scheme

The Construction Tradesman Collaborative Training Scheme (CTS) follow "first-hire-then-train" approach. Trainees are first employed by the employer, then they will receive an initial training provided by the CIC with up to HK$10,000/month allowance. After the initial training, trainees will undergo on-site training provided by the employer. During on-site training period, trainees can get at least HK$13,400 monthly salary. At the end of training, trainees are required to take the relevant Intermediate Trade Test (ITT) / Certification Test provided by the CIC. Trainees who pass the ITT / Certification Test will be awarded a one-off bonus HK$10,000. 

Choice of Trades

Category Work Trade Training Period
Building and Civil Work Trade
(B&C Trade)
Bar Bender and Fixer
Carpenter (Formwork - Building Construction/ Civil Construction)
Site Surveying (Leveller)
Surveying & Setting Out (Leveller)
Painter and Decorator
Marble Worker (Polishing)
Tower Crane Workers' Assistant
6 months
Metal Worker
General Welder
Metal Scaffolder and Metal Formwork Erector
Crawler-mounted Mobile Crane Operator
Crawler-mounted Mobile Crane Operator (Apprentices Scheme)
Ground Investigation Operator
Tower Crane Operator
3 months
Electrical & Mechanical Work Trade
(E&M Trade)
Electrical Wireman
Fire Service Mechanical Fitter
Refrigeration / Air-conditioning / Ventilation Mechanic (Air System)
Refrigeration / Air-conditioning / Ventilation Mechanic (Thermal Insulation)
Refrigeration / Air-conditioning / Ventilation Mechanic (Water System)
6 months


Mode of Training

Entrance Requirement

Employers may have other requirements.

Enquiry: 2100 9000

Scheme information

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