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Checklist of Application for Workers Registration and Renewal


Please check and bring along the following documents (both original and photocopy) and the application fee, together with a completed application form, to the Workers Registration and Renewal Service Points :

  1. Hong Kong Identity Card (If you are not a Hong Kong Permanent Resident, you are required to present in addition to your Hong Kong Identity Card (if any), your One Way Exit Permit, passport/travel document or other documents with a valid employment visa relevant to the trade division(s)of the application.)

  2. A valid Green Card* (with at least 30 days of validity remained on the day of application.)

  3. Qualification certificate(s) relevant to the trade division(s) of the application * (If you are applying for provisional registration, please refer to "Application for Provisional Registration".)

  4. Registration and Renewal Fee (please refer to "Registration and Renewal Fee".)

1. Applications with incomplete information will not be accepted.
2. CIC will ask concerned authorities to verify the information provided by the applicants. If those authorities are not able to reply in 7 working days after the applications are received, CIC will inform the applicants of any delay in their applications.
3. Applicants whose Green Cards / Trade Test Certificates are issued by CIC / former Construction Industry Training authority do not need to bring along their cards / original certificates for application. CIC staff will verify the qualifications through the computer system. Click HERE to other recognised qualifications.
4. Applicants who have already submitted their application forms together with the copies of required documents through Group Submission, can bring along the original of the required documents and application fee only when they visit the Workers Registration and Renewal Service Point for application in person at appointed time.