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Contractor Cooperative Training Scheme – E&M Trades


Contractor Cooperative Training Scheme – E&M Trades (CCTS-E&M Trades) is a “First-hire-then-train” scheme. An applicant is employed by E&M contractor and then received the on-site training which is provided by the employer. Eligible persons can be given training subsidy and go through assessment for skill level. During the training period, trainee is employed by the employer, the employer will pay according to the market rate of the salary and the salary includes the training subsidy subsidized by CIC. The subsidy amount of each trade is different. Both of salary and subsidy will be paid by the employers. All the allowance and salary are calculated based on the attendance and 25 days per month.

Choice of Trades

  1. Electrical Wireman
  2. Fire Service Electrical Fitter*
  3. Fire Service Mechanical Fitter*
  4. Refrigeration/Air conditioning/ Ventilation Mechanic-Water System*
  5. Refrigeration/Air conditioning/ Ventilation Mechanic-Thermal Insulation
  6. Refrigeration/Air conditioning/ Ventilation Mechanic-Air System*
  7. Lift Mechanic*
  8. Escalator Mechanic*

Applicant will receive $6,750 allowance per month and a lump sum bonus allowance upon completion of the whole training period and passed relevant assessment for the above trades with *. Others will receive $4,250 allowance per month with no bonus allowance. All the allowance is calculated based on the attendance and 25 days per month.

Mode of Training

The on-site training will be provided to the applicant by the contractor. The training duration of each trade is six months, 150 days in total.

Entrance Requirement

  1. Aged 18 or above, physically fit for training and determine to pursue a career in Construction Industry; and
  2. For those who have not taken CIC’s Enhanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme (ECMTS)/Manpower Shortage Work Trade or other full time training courses offered by the CIC or another training bodies funded by the CIC within one year after graduation; or
  3. For those who have not taken CIC’s Technician programmes within two years after graduation.

Contractors may have other requirements.

Enquiry: 2100 9000

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