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Alert / Message


Safety Message No. 005/19 Industrial Accident (December 2019)

Safety Message No. 004/19 Industrial Accident (October 2019)

Procurement Alert No.002/19 Anti-Competitive Practices (October 2019)

Safety Message No. 003/19 Industrial Accident (October 2019)

Safety Message No. 002/19 Industrial Accident (September 2019)

Safety Message No. 001/19 Industrial Accident (August 2019)

Quality Alert No. 001/19 Construction Quality Supervision (March 2019)

Safety Alert No. 002/18 Safety Precaution for Dengue Fever Infection (October 2018)

Safety Alert No. 001/18 Lifting Operation Safety (January 2018)

Safety Alert No. 001/17 Work Safety on Bamboo Scaffolds (April 2017)

Safety Alert No. 003/16 Road Maintenance Works Safety (August 2016)

Safety Alert No. 002/16 Safety Precaution for Zika Virus Infection (July 2016)

Safety Alert No. 001/16 Lorry-mounted Cranes Pre-use Checklist (June 2016)

Safety Alert No. 003/15 Traffic Safety on Construction Sites (December 2015)

Safety Alert No.002/15 – Safety of Lorry-mounted Cranes (October 2015)

Safety Alert No. 001/15 Safe Use of Vertical Transportation at Construction Sites (January 2015)

Procurement Alert No. 001/14 Use of On-Demand Performance Bonds in Construction Contracts (September 2014)

Safety Alert No. 001/14 Fire Safety on Construction Sites (April 2014)

Safety Alert No. 005/13 Excavation Works in the Vicinity of Underground Utilities – Buried Gas Pipes and Cables (December 2013)

Safety Alert No. 004/13 Safe Use of Lifting Appliances and Lifting Gear (October 2013)

Safety Alert No. 003/13 Avoid Using Ladders for Working at Height in Repair, Maintenance, Alteration and Addition Works (August 2013)

Safety Alert No. 002/13 Adoption of Method Statements on Sites (May 2013)

Procurement Alert No.001/13 Recent Issues of Concern on Tendering of Construction Contracts (May 2013)

Safety Alert No. 001/13 Safe Use of Mobile Metal Scaffolds for Repair, Maintenance, Alteration and Addition Works (May 2013)

Safety Alert No. 003/12 Prevention of Electrocution (November 2012)

Safety Alert No. 002/12 Safety Related Matters of Workers Engaging in Renovation and Repair Works (With The Use of Volatile Organic Compounds) in Commercial Premises (November 2012)

Safety Alert No. 001/12 Water Pipe Laying Works – Pressure Test (Road Works) (August 2012)

Safety Alert No. 001/11 Fabrication of Reinforcement Cages of Bored Piles (Updated in February 2013)

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