Contractor / Supplier Registration Procedure
1. Application for inclusion in the CIC Vendor List
The Construction Industry Council (CIC) maintains a list of contractors and suppliers of goods and related services for issuing procurement notifications.
Application for inclusion in the CIC Vendor List is free of charge. Any firm not currently included but wishing to be considered for inclusion in this list may complete and submit the required ‘Application Form for Inclusion in the CIC Vendor List’ (Form PRO-01) to CIC Procurement Department (PD) of the CIC.
'Application Form for Inclusion in the CIC Vendor List' is available from the PD or downloadable from the CIC website:
Application form for inclusion in the CIC Vendor List is available for download:
Application Form for Inclusion in the CIC Vendor List
Applications received will be processed by the PD. Subject to confirmation of credentials, those firms that are found acceptable will be included in CIC Vendor List. Their continued inclusions in this list will depend on their demonstrated abilities to offer competitive quotes and on their performance in connection with any order(s) or contract(s) which they have been awarded. The CIC reserves the right to review the status of a firm as a CIC Contractor / Supplier in the light of any new information that may affect status.
Firms included in the CIC Vendor List will receive procurement notifications issued for the construction works or supply of category(ies) of goods or related services, for which they have been included as contractors / suppliers, as and when opportunities arise.
Interested parties can contact the PD for enquiries relating to application for inclusion in CIC Vendor List and / or general procurement matters:
Procurement Department Construction Industry Council
38/F, COS Centre, 56 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Tel. no.: 2100 9000  |  Fax no.: 2100 9439