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Chairperson - Mr. Simon WONG Hin-wing


Terms of Reference

  1. To assist the Council fulfill its corporate governance and overseeing responsibilities of the CIC (with member organisations), including financial reporting, internal control, risk management, internal and external audit functions as well as compliance with policies, regulations and relevant legislations;
  2. To oversee the work of Internal Audit Department, to review findings and management’s responses to the recommendations made;
  3. To oversee the external audit process:
    a. To make recommendations to the Council on the appointment of external auditors, audit fees and any related matters;
    b. To review annual audit report and any matters raised by external auditors;
  4. To approve the engagement of any external consultants to conduct review if necessary; and
  5. To assist the Council in dealing other relevant issues.


Meeting Reports

Meeting Date


Report to CIC

05.02.2020 Board Room, 38/F, COS Centre *
04.10.2019 Board Room, 38/F, COS Centre *
26.07.2019 Board Room, 38/F, COS Centre *
09.04.2019 Board Room, 38/F, COS Centre *
11.01.2019 Meeting Room, 39/F, COS Centre *
03.10.2018 Meeting Room, 39/F, COS Centre *

*Note: The matter will not be disclosed in view of privacy and financial sensitivity contained within the Report.

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