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"The CIC released the latest ‘Construction Expenditure Forecast’ last month. It is forecasted that in the coming five years, the overall construction expenditure in Hong Kong will be around HK$250 to HK$305 billion per annum, reflecting the prosperity of the construction industry. "

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Construction Innovation & Technology Application Centre (CITAC)

The construction industry is often considered as traditional and, in Hong Kong, in particular, it has seen slowing productivity and increasing costs in recent years.

Collaborative Training Scheme

The CIC provides training subsidies for collaborative partners, as well as trainee allowances and bonuses for people aspiring to develop their career in the construction sector.

Zero Carbon Building

Construction Safety Week

An industry-wide safety promotional campaign supported by the industry and jointly organised by the Department Bureau and the Construction Industry Council


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Construction Industry Council Trainee Alumni Association (CICTAA)

It was setup in 1988 and aims to increase the relationship between CIC and its members, organise events for members and strengthen relationship between members and the industry. Click here to view more information.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is not just a three dimensional drawing tool but a new tool to holistically manage information relating to construction projects from planning stage, to design, construction and operational stages.

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