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Applicable to civil and building construction trade tests, construction-related electrial and mechanical trade tests, trade test for Grade A electrical work, and certification tests for machineries and crane operation:

Black Rainstorm Warning Signal or Tropical Cyclone Signal No.8 (or above) or Extreme Condition: If the signal remains hoisted at/after 6 a.m., the full-day and AM test sessions will be cancelled. If the signal remains hoisted at/after 10:30 a.m., the PM test session will be cancelled. The Construction Industry Council (the CIC) will not inform the candidates separately.

If the weather conditions deteriorate during the test or any thunderstorm will affect the continuation of the test, or if the Hong Kong Observatory issues the Tropical Cyclone Signal No.8 (or above) / Black Rainstorm Warning / any Extreme Conditions during the test, the CIC reserves the right to terminate the test.

All the outdoor tests are subject to actual weather conditions or special conditions and the CIC reserves the right of final decision.

The CIC will inform the candidates by phone or in writing about rescheduling within 3 working days.



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