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About the DfMA Alliance

About the DfMA Alliance

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What is DfMA

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) is a proactive design approach which focuses on ease of manufacture and efficiency of assembly. DfMA enables offsite manufacture of high-quality construction components and efficient assembly of the components on site. It is a well-established approach for accomplishing significant improvements in productivity, safety, quality and sustainability. Applying DfMA enables identification, quantification and elimination of waste or inefficiency in product manufacture and assembly to achieve lean construction.

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Who We Are

DfMA Alliance (the Alliance) is a construction industry-wide membership organisation to promote and facilitate offsite prefabrication and modular construction through collaborative work. The Alliance engages a wide spectrum of industry stakeholders to drive the adoption of DfMA. Its members include developers, government bureaux and departments, consultants, contractors, suppliers, professional bodies, trade associations and academia. The Alliance aims to deliver a step improvement in construction productivity by co-creating an ecosystem for adoption of DfMA in Hong Kong.

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What We Do

A series of initiatives will be taken to drive DfMA among the Alliance Members, including:

i. Holding forums and seminars to increase engagement across the industry chain;

ii. Organising Focus Hubs to connect clients who have a shared ambition for improvement, with import of experts and the supply chain’s capability to achieve objectives; and

iii. Facilitating members to connect directly with construction clients and / or supply chain partners who are looking for enhanced capability internally or across projects.

Through the deliberations and collaboration among members, DfMA could be implemented in the industry. Training will be provided and technical visits will be organised to facilitate the adoption of the DfMA approach.

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Contact Us

E-mail:  [email protected]

Hotline:   (852) 2100 9000 (Please specify “DfMA Alliance”)

Fax:   (852) 2100 9090

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