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Construction Industry Outstanding Young Person Award

【2nd CIOYPA Awardees Announcement】

In recognition of the outstanding achievements of young construction practitioners, the Construction Industry Council holds the biennial “Construction Industry Outstanding Young Person Award 2021” (CIOYPA) to honour their devotion to excellence, contributions to the betterment of the construction industry and the community at large.

We are pleased to announce that five persons from different positions in the construction industry have been selected as the Awardees for the Construction Industry Outstanding Young Person 2021. The Award Presentation Ceremony was completed on 26 June 2021.

List of CIOYPA Awardees
Name Category
Mr. CHUNG Chi-wai Frontline Construction Personnel
Ar. HO Lik-chi, Nicholas Design and Management
Ms. MA Ho-yee, Jillian Frontline Construction Personnel
Ir Dr. NG Pui-lam Business, Academic and Others
Ir YUET Man-fung, Matthew Design and Management
(Ranked according to the alphabetical order of the English name)

Awardees Details

Hong Kong Young Construction Conference and Construction Industry Outstanding Young Person Award Ceremony 2021

Video of the Award Presentation Ceremony (Chinese version only)


【2nd CIOYPA Winners' Sharing】(Chinese version only)

Leo_promotional video_Thumbnail.JPG Nic_promotional video_Thumbnail.JPG Jillian_promotional video_Thumbnail.JPG PL_promotional video_Thumbnail.JPG Matthew_promotional video_Thumbnail.JPG
Devoted for Community Services 
Frontline Construction Personnel
Ar. Nichloas HO
Initiate Smart City Development
Design and Management
Ms. Jillian MA
Inspire Art in Construction
Frontline Construction Personnel
Ir Dr. P. L. NG
Laying path to Innvative Construction
Business, Academic and Others
Ir Matthew YUET
Pioneer for Modular Integrated Construction
Design and Management

【2nd CIOYPA Winners - Construction Community Service Day】(Chinese version only)

The five Awardees of the 2nd Construction Industry Outstanding Young Person Award had attended the Construction Community Service Day, introducing innovative and green construction technologies development to our future young masters via a series of fun activities.

Highlights for "Construction Community Service Day"


The Award will recognise outstanding practitioners engaged in the 3 major categories in the construction industry.

  • Design and Management (e.g. Engineer, Architect, Planner, Surveyor, Safety Officer, Supervisor, etc.)
  • Frontline Construction Personnel (Registered Construction Workers, e.g. Registered Skilled Worker, Registered Semi-skilled worker etc.)
  • Business, Academic and Others (People who engage in business operations, e.g. Developers, Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers; OR People who engage in academic activities, e.g. Professors, Instructors etc.)



  •  Must be a Hong Kong permanent resident
  •  Aged 20 to 40 (Between 1 January 1981 and 1 January 2001)
  •  Be nominated by one Proposer
  •  Be able to attend the initial screening interview arranged by the Selection Consultant and the final judging interview


  •  Must be a Hong Kong permanent resident and aged 20 or above; OR
  •  A public / private organisation registered in Hong Kong.

Nomination Form 

Key Dates Date
Nomination Deadline 11 December 2020
Result Announcement April 2021 (To Be Confirmed)
Award Presentation Ceremony June 2021 (To Be Confirmed)

Judging Panel

Chief Judge:

  • Hon SHEK Lai-him, Abraham GBS, JP (Legislative Council – Real Estate and Construction)


  • Ir LAM Sai-hung, JP, Permanent Secretary for Development (Works)
  • Mr. CHAN Ka-kui (Chairman, Construction Industry Council)
  • Dr. CHAN Kang-yuen, Neo (Awardee of the 1st Construction Industry Outstanding Young Person Award)

Selection Consultant

GC Logo_BBWW_CMYK_14Jan19.jpg

Ernst & Young Advisory Services Limited

Judging Criteria

Personal achievement of the Nominee, his/her contribution to the construction Industry and the community at large and his / her vision and commitment to Hong Kong.

Selection Procedures

1.     Initial Screening Interview

Initial Screening Interview will be arranged in January 2021 (TBC) by the Selection Consultant to verify the information obtained in the nomination form, to examine the eligibility of each nominee and to shortlist a list of nominees for final judging interview. All information pertinent to the nominations will be treated confidentially and will not be published unless the nominee is selected.

2.    Final Interview

All short-listed nominees will be notified and invited to attend the final judging interview by the Panel of Judges held in March 2021 (TBC).


Awardees will be presented a trophy at the Awards Presentation Ceremony, and will be invited to participate in various construction industry related events and conferences so as to promote the sustainable development of the industry and enhance the professional image. 

Proposers of the awardees will also receive a trophy in appreciation of their nominations at the Awards Presentation Ceremony. 


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1st Construction Industry Outstanding Young Person Award

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