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Construction Industry Machinery Operation Competition 2023

Construction Industry Machinery Operation Competition 2023

In recent years, numerous infrastructure projects in Hong Kong have created more opportunities for the construction industry. Large-scale infrastructure projects often rely heavily on the operation of mechanical equipment, which is crucial for the development of the construction industry. The Construction Industry Council, as a representative of the industry's elite in machinery operation, is organising the "Construction Industry Machinery Operation Competition 2023" with the aim of encouraging machinery operators to engage in further exchange and enhance their operational skills within the industry.

Group Category:

Tower crane operation competition

Individual Categories:

Wheeled crane operation competition

Crawler crane operation competition

Truck-mount crane operation competition

Gantry crane operation competition

Mini / Skid Loader operation competition

Competition and Ceremony Venue:

HKIC – Tai Po Training Ground (Dai Wah Street, Tai Po, N.T.)

Competition Date:

4 November 2023 (Saturday)

Ceremony Date:

7 January 2024 (Sunday)

Application Form (Chinese version only)


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