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Exploring the Beauty of CIC-ZCP Photo Competition

Exploring the Beauty of CIC-ZCP Photo Competition

2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the CIC-Zero Carbon Park (CIC-ZCP). To celebrate this milestone, CIC-ZCP organises the 10th Anniversary Photo Competition with the theme of “Exploring the Beauty of CIC-ZCP”. The competition welcomes construction industry practitioners, school students and members of the public to show different aspects of the CIC-ZCP in the sustainable journey through the camera lens. Let's recall and share our precious moments at the CIC-ZCP over the years!

Theme and content

The theme of the competition is "10th Anniversary - Exploring the beauty of CIC-ZCP”. All photo entries should convey the message of unveiling the enchanting beauty of the CIC-ZCP / carbon neutrality and showcase the CIC-ZCP from diverse perspectives. New or old photos are acceptable.

Participants may select one of the following photo themes -

  • People and Nature - Recreation, adventure, people enjoying the outdoors of the CIC-ZCP; or
  • Landscape - A sense of place, with or without people of the CIC-ZCP; or
  • Architecture and Construction - The buildings at the CIC-ZCP

Submission Category

The competition is divided into 4 groups. Participants can take part in one of the following groups.

  • Open Group - participants must be aged 18 or above and hold a valid Hong Kong Identity Card
  • Secondary Student Group - participants must be full-time secondary school students of Hong Kong
  • Primary Student Group - participants must be full-time primary school students of Hong Kong
  • Construction Industry Group - participants must be construction industry practitioners (including but not limited to construction industry workers, safety officers, students of Hong Kong Institute of Construction, architects, surveyors, engineers etc.)

Participants can only participate in one group, submitting a maximum of one entry for each photo theme (i.e. People and Nature, Landscape and Architecture and Construction).

Selection and Jugding

Awards will be decided by the judging panel of CIC-ZCP. Judging will be based on theme-related ideas (30%), aesthetic qualities (30%), creativity (20%), and photography skills (20%).


Open Group  
Champion  Sylvia WONG
First Runner-up Michael LEE
Second Runner-up YAU Shui-wa


Construction Industry Group  
Champion  Winnie LUI
First Runner-up CHUNG Pak-yan, Paean
Second Runner-up Don LAM


Secondary Student Group  
Champion  CHEUNG Ching-hei
First Runner-up WONG Wang-king
Second Runner-up CHEUNG Ching-hei


Primary Student Group  
Champion HO Hay-long
First Runner-up CHENG Tin-yan
Second Runner-up LAW Tsun-yui


“Most Liked” Award* CAO Ka-wah



Champion (per each group) HK$2,000 Electronic and Lifestyle product cash vouchers and a certificate
First Runner-up (per each group) HK$1,500 Electronic and Lifestyle product cash vouchers and a certificate
Second Runner-up (per each group) HK$1,000 Electronic and Lifestyle product cash vouchers and a certificate
“Most Liked” Award* HK$2,000 Electronic and Lifestyle product cash vouchers and a certificate

*Obtained the most pubic votes from the social media platform of CIC-ZCP

The results will be announced on the CIC-ZCP's website in August 2022, and all winners will be informed via their registered emails of the prize arrangement. Meanwhile, all winning entries will be exhibited in CIC-ZCP.

How to enter

Participants should provide the required information and submit the entries via online application on or before 23:59 by 16 May 2022, with the following documents:

  • Each entry must be submitted in digital files in JPEG or TIFF format. Entries with watermarks are not acceptable.
  • Each entry must be submitted with a title and description with no more than 150 words in Chinese or English.

Application Form (Submission Deadline: 16 May 2022)


Tel: 2100 9800

Email: [email protected]

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Participants can participate in one group only, submitting a maximum of one entry for each group. Each participant could only apply once and will only be eligible for one prize.
  2. All photo entries must be taken in CIC-ZCP and related to the Park.
  3. Participants warrant and guarantee that they are the sole owner of all copyrights of the Entry and to the best of their knowledge that no complaint or claim shall be arisen from any third party in respect of such Entry.
  4. Photos submitted shall be un-manipulated and real. Only cropping, dodging and burning, and color adjustment are acceptable, but computer-generated images or composite photos are not accepted.
  5. If the content of the entry and / or the opinions or messages expressed in it conflict with the laws of Hong Kong, the participant must bear all responsibilities, and the Organiser shall in no circumstances be responsible.
  6. Any violation or infringements of the copyright or other related crimes, including but not limited to submission, reprinting, copying and counterfeiting of the entries, by any participants will result in disqualification for the Competition.
  7. After the announcement of the results, awardees will be asked to provide a JPEG file of their entries larger than 5 MB for printing purpose.
  8. By joining the Competition, participants agree to accept that the Organiser has the right to display or publish selected entries from the Competition for, but not limited to, the following purposes: (i) printed publications and promotional materials, (ii) online publications, (iii) media, and (iv) exhibition without having to pay any fee to the participants.
  9. Once an application is submitted, participants and parents, guardians or authorised persons of participants who are under the age of 18 should have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the Competition.
  10. The Organiser reserves all the rights on the arrangements of the event and awards.

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