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Opening Speech at Inaugural Asia Pacific Regional BIM Group Meeting and Forum

Opening Speech at Inaugural Asia Pacific Regional BIM Group Meeting and Forum

Event: Inaugural Asia Pacific Regional BIM Group Meeting and Forum
Date: 26 September 2018

Chairlady Ada, Mr. Adam MATTHEWS, Mr. CHENG Tat-fatt, Mr. WEI Lai, speakers, ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning.

I hope you had an enjoyable Mid-Autumn Festival holiday and thank you for joining us this early morning.

The primary objective of CIC is to promote sustainable development of the construction industry in Hong Kong, to make it safer, cleaner, faster and cheaper. Innovation and technology is high on our agenda for reform of the construction industry.  BIM, obviously is an important element.

Over the last few years, the CIC has carried out a number of initiatives to expedite the application of BIM technology in Hong Kong. Through participation of industry experts, we have developed a Roadmap of BIM Implementation in 2014 and published the first BIM Standards in 2015. We have opened a CIC BIM Innovation and Development Centre in 2016 which offer training courses to about 1,400 people per year.

Ada, you all know, retired from her paid job with Housing Department, late last year, when she is young and pretty, we decided to give her a full time job, but without pay, to chair the newly established, Committee on BIM, to formulate strategies, promote cross-disciplinary collaboration and adoption of BIM in construction projects, develop standards, promote good practices, etc.

BIM is a young member of the entire construction technology family. If offers an excellent opportunity for major stakeholders, industry leaders to join hands, to mould the shape and direction of growth and development of this new member of our family.

I attended an Education Conference last week.  A Nobel Laureates told us, the best time to mould one’s character is when he is very young. There is also a Chinese saying that “三歲定八十”.

The CIC is greatly honoured to host this Inaugural Asia Pacific Regional BIM Group Meeting and Forum. It allows BIM leaders and major stakeholders in the Asia Pacific Region, to get together and exchange views and informations, so that we can learn from each other, to make our lovely new born son, more healthy, more handsome, and more clever. There are so much that we can do together on BIM to make our respective countries better. We can share knowledge, share experience, build common standards, manpower training, wine and dine, etc, etc.

Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for making this event possible.

Thank you.

Mr. CHAN Ka-kui
Chairman, Construction Industry Council

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