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Policy Address Policies Expedite Infrastructures and Build Liveable City for the People

Policy Address Policies Expedite Infrastructures and Build Liveable City for the People

The Policy Address 2022 announced by the Chief Executive of HKSAR Government in October this year outlined the following plans: boosting land and housing supply, kicking-start multiple infrastructure projects for the betterment of citizen’s livelihood and adopting measures “to enhance quantity, speed, efficiency and liveability”. With the help of strategic infrastructure developments, like the Northern Metropolis, the "Lantau Tomorrow Vision" and different transport infrastructure among other large and small projects. The total construction output is expected to increase annually and reach HK$300 billion. All these will steer us towards building a "liveable city".

I want to thank the Government for taking The CIC’s and the industry’s suggestions to make available land in the Northern Metropolis, for the manufacturing and storage of modules to be used by “Modular Integrated Construction” (MiC). This arrangement could accelerate construction efficiency and housing supply, allowing even grassroots to enjoy a stable and comfortable home at a much earlier time. The CIC is delighted by the adoption of this suggestion. This initiative could address people’s pressing needs, show that the government shares the thoughts of people, ultimately benefiting both the industry and ordinary people.

The CIC and the industry must work together to enhance productivity, support the government's multi-pronged approach in creating an ideal living environment, enhance the happiness of the people, and promote the sustainable development of Hong Kong's economy and society.

Webinar on Practical Ways of “Enhancing Speed, Quantity, Efficiency and Liveability”

The CIC organized the “Policy Address Webinar 2022” under the theme of "Enhancing Speed, Quantity, Efficiency and Liveability" on 31 October, 2022. The event invited Ms. Bernadette LINN, Secretary for Development and Ms. Winnie HO, Secretary for Housing, as keynote speakers to elaborate on policy details and land and housing development plans. Ir Ricky LAU, Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), also participated in the discussion with industry leaders that allows the industry to thoroughly understand the plan. Representatives from organizations relevant to the industry also proposed their suggestions on the Policy Address. Nearly 1,100 attendees joined this online event.

BIM Application Roadmap Accelerates Transformation

The Policy Address stated that a roadmap will be devised next year on the industry’s use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in preparing building plans for the approval of government departments. An application software will be launched in the first quarter of 2024 to automate compliance checks on the floor area information in relevant construction plans. The Government’s clear objectives will accelerate the industry’s upgrade and transformation. It will also be instrumental in building a smart city. The industry is encouraged to deploy digitisation of the corresponding processes early on and arrange more BIM trainings for their staff.

The CIC has promoted the adoption of BIM in the industry for many years. BIM related trainings are provided continuously and awards are set up to recognise outstanding BIM projects. These actions were taken to raise the standard of BIM technology among industry professionals. A free “BIM Awareness Seminar and Workshop 2.0” was organised by CIC in late October. In this upgraded training, more interactive contents were included. The BIM simulation software and technology experience sessions to learn more about the use of BIM in different stages of the building life cycle. The CIC will organize more similar seminars in the coming months to meet the demand of the industry. In the future, we hope that the industry will expand its adoption of Common Data Environment (CDE) to enhance allow attendees project management, collaboration and productivity.

Hong Kong as the “City of MiC” in GBA

The Policy Address also outlined that the government will establish a cross-departmental steering committee for coordinating the approval procedures related to MiC. This could remove roadblocks for applying MiC in construction projects. The Government will form a dedicated team to run a one-stop platform with the following purposes: providing technical support to the industry, strengthening the communication and collaboration with relevant departments, facilitating project approvals, and promoting efficient construction methods like MiC and Multi-trade Integrated Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing   (MiMEP) to the public and private sectors.

The CIC fully understands that only through MiC’s “factory assembly followed by on-site installation” approach can alleviate the industry's current challenges, such as labor shortages and construction site constraints. Moreover, MiC has the advantages of effective monitoring of construction quality, high productivity, high safety and sustainability. The CIC can foresee that MiC will become one of the mainstream building methods. As MiC manufacturing bases in the Greater Bay Area are equipped with comprehensive and efficient supply chains, Hong Kong is well-placed to become a testing ground for MiC technologies, thus, enabling Hong Kong to be the  ‘City of MiC ' in GBA.

MiC Can Build Livable Homes for People

Earlier I visited the prefabricated self-contained unit at the construction site of Wong Chuk Hang Student Residence of Hong Kong University. The necessary furniture and electronic appliances like air-conditioners, desks and bed frames were all set before installation. The quality and level of completeness were excellent. In addition, the MiC was attractive enough for private developers to put it into practice. For example, the flats of Tonkin Street Residential Development Project have balconies, convection windows and removable non-load bearing walls. The set-up can offer a lot of flexibility in interior design. This is a proof that this innovative construction method is capable of providing a pleasant home for ordinary people.

The potential of MiC is unlimited, and its modular concept and method can be applied to other areas. The mathematical symbol “∞” means infinity. The CIC has combined MiC and the “∞” symbol as the theme for MiC publicity, conveying the message that MiC application has no boundaries. Take MiMEP as an example, it refers to the whole process of pre-assembling multiple electromechanical devices into a single module in the factory, transporting the module to the construction site, and then connecting the module with other modules. In fact, a variety of building facilities, such as lifts, refrigeration systems, solar panels can utilize the “Mi ∞” concept.

As the CIC and industry pioneers put in much effort in recent years, the industry has a good understanding of these technologies in general. Last year, the CIC held the “International Conference on Modular Integrated Construction 2021”. MiC experts from Mainland China, Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom were invited as speakers. This could allow local industry practitioners to learn from their valuable experience. Last year, The CIC and the Hong Kong Federation of Electrical and Mechanical Contractors co-organized the well-received “DfMA MiMEP Tradeshow 2021”.

In the future, the CIC will continue to bring together the industry, strengthen the role of Hong Kong in adopting MiC in the GBA, and work with stakeholders to create more conditions and scenarios for its implementation. Therefore, practitioners can accumulate more experience and improve their technical level. “Master Class on MiC Project Implementation (Project Managers)” is a new course offered by The CIC. Its second phase will commence in November. I believe graduates of this course will become core supporters of MiC.

Construction Industry Safety Summit 2022 will be held soon

The CIC emphasizes that “Life First” is the paramount principle of all projects. Safety is always the top priority. The CIC will cooperate with the Government to promote “Safe and Smart Site” system and encourage the industry to use technology and other corresponding measures to prevent accidents at the early stage. The CIC and the Development Bureau will co-organize the top-tier event “Construction Industry Safety Summit 2022” on November 4. Attendees from diverse background will be encouraged to think out of the box and brainstorm original ideas on the theme of promoting occupational safety and health awareness to all industry practitioners. It is anticipated that the event could prompt follow-up actions and reduce the industrial accident rate of construction workers. Frequent industrial accidents were a turn off for job seekers interested in entering the industry, hence construction site safety is crucial for retaining and attracting talents. I sincerely invite all of you to enroll for the Summit.

Come and Join Us at “Construction Month” Events

The CIC has organized the annual flagship event “Construction Month” since 2018. The event series carries the mission of engaging the community and promoting a professional image of the construction industry. It has been very popular among the industry and the public. This year, we will continue to launch many exciting activities to showcase the different facets of the industry, including the first-ever “Making Hong Kong” exhibition co-organized with the Architectural Services Department. You are welcome to bring your relatives and friends to the CIC–Zero Carbon Park to visit the exhibition. The construction technology themed exhibition is curated by the Hong Kong Institute of Construction with the assistance of skillful craftsmen. Interesting learning activities like STEAM day camps and the “CIC-ZCP Minecraft Competition Award Presentation Ceremony” are tailor made for the younger generation as well.

The Chief Executive Officiated the CIC’s 15th Anniversary Celebration cum the Hong Kong Construction Exhibition Grand Opening Ceremony

The CIC’s 15th Anniversary Celebration cum the Hong Kong Construction Exhibition Grand Opening Ceremony was held on 31 October. The event was conducted at the main hall of M+ museum located at the West Kowloon Cultural District. The ceremony was officiated by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Honourable John KC LEE. Other guests include the Honourable Bernadette LINN, Secretary for Development, and the Honourable Winnie HO, Secretary for Housing. The exhibition reviews the history and achievements of the CIC over the past 15 years, and presents the future perspectives  of Hong Kong's construction industry and the CIC.

The 15th anniversary of The CIC marks a new milestone for Hong Kong's construction industry. We will carry on with our past success while creating new achievements in the future. We are determined to work hard towards the vision of “Construction 2.0” with innovation, professionalism and revitalisation, to enhance our industry’s productivity, capacity and sustainability. The CIC will lead the industry to make use of the favorable measures stated in the Policy Address, for the sake of accelerating the industry’s transformation, exerting our professionalism, serving Hong Kong people better and charting a brighter tomorrow for Hong Kong. We will remain true to our original aspirations, unite our industry and build Hong Kong together.

Ir HO On-sing, Thomas

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