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Senior Workers Registration Arrangement

Application has been closed.  

(Only Applicable to Three New Trade Divisions : False Ceiling Installer, Partition (Metal Frame)Installer and Cable Jointer (Dead Cable))


Application period: 1 April 2017 up to 30 September 2018


Under section 6(1) of the Construction Workers Registration Ordinance (Amendment of Schedules 1 and 1A) Notice 2016, in relation to “False Ceiling Installer”, “Partition (Metal Frame) Installer” and “Cable Jointer (Dead Cable)”, if an applicant can prove possession of not less than 10 years of experience as at 1 April 2017, personally carrying out construction work of the relevant trade division, he/ she may directly apply for registration as registered skilled worker of the relevant new trade divisions(s).




Working Across Trade Divisions for the three new trade divisions

Having regard to the actual operation in the industry, the arrangement on working across trade divisions for the three newly added trade divisions is tabulated below:

New trade division

Description of skills 

Registered Skilled Worker of the following trade division
is allowed to work across the skilled work of the new trade division in the left column*

False Ceiling Installer

(C358 )

Installing false ceilings

Joiner  (C322)

Metal Worker  (C328)

Partition (Metal Frame) Installer

(C359 )

Installing metal frames and panels of partitions

Joiner (C322)

Metal Worker  (C328)

False Ceiling Installer (C358)

Cable Jointer (Dead Cable)


Joining dead cables of voltages not exceeding 11kV Not applicable **

* Working Across Trade Divisions means that Registered Skilled Workers of certain designated trade divisions are allowed to carry out works of designated trade divisions involving similar skills on construction sites. It is only applicable to Registered Skilled Workers and are prohibited from giving “instruction and supervision” to other workers to carry out those works. 

**According to the description of skills, Registered Skilled Workers of Cable Jointer (Power) can personally carry out and provide “instruction and supervision” to other workers to carry out the skilled work of Cable Jointer (Dead Cable).


Information about the Senior Workers Registration Arrangement

List of work experience verifying organisations - Government / Public Organisations and their registered contractors

List of Construction-related Trade Associations

List of Authorised Trade Unions Verifying Work Experience

Guidance Notes on Senior Construction Workers Registration

Publicity leaflet

Please note:

Workers who do not possess 10 years’ work experience can pass trade tests to obtain the qualification for registration as Registered Skilled /Semi-skilled Workers.  Enquiry and enrolment of trade tests: 2100 9000

Enquiries about Senior Workers Registration: 2873 1911

Last Updated: 2018-10-02 15:50:19