Overview of ZCB

ZCB is the first Zero Carbon Building in Hong Kong. Developed by the Construction Industry Council in collaboration with the Hong Kong Government, it aims to showcase the state-of-the art eco-building design and technologies to the construction industry locally and internationally and to raise community awareness of low carbon living in Hong Kong.

It is the first project completed under the Energizing Kowloon East initiative of the Hong Kong Government. Located at the heart of Kowloon Bay, the upcoming vibrant premier business district in Hong Kong, ZCB is a green oasis in a densely populated urban area.

ZCB has won recognitions and various awards for its innovation and superb environmental performance:

ZCB covers a total area of 14,700 square metres of land, comprising of a 3-storey Zero Carbon Building and a landscape area. It houses the following facilities and components:

ZCB reflects careful consideration of the interrelationships between the natural world and the built environment, with a primary goal of minimizing energy use and generating power on site (and even produces more than its own need) from renewable sources. To achieve zero carbon emissions, ZCB adopts an integrated design, based on an energy hierarchy approach and eco-efficiency principles: