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Construction Industry “Anti-epidemic Fund” - Second Round

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Updates on the Employment Support Scheme for the Construction Sector (Casual Employee) (06/08/2020):

The application for the Employment Support Scheme for the Construction Sector (Casual Employee) (ESSC) under the second round of the Anti-Epidemic Fund was closed on 31 July 2020 (Friday). The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is handling the applications with an aim to start disbursing subsidies in August. The CIC will also publish lists of successful applicants, the amount of subsidies and their number of “qualified employees” on its website.

As published earlier in the ESSC, successful applicants have to undertake not to make their employees redundant and to pay the full amount of the subsidy on wages of their “qualified employees” during the subsidy period (i.e. the period of six calendar months from 1 August 2020 to 31 January 2021 (both days inclusive)).  In each month of the six-month subsidy period, the Government will check the position of the employer’s Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) contributions as at the 10th day of the following month as shown in the records issued by the MPF trustee(s), so as to ensure the requirements of the ESSC are duly complied with.  If any employer fails to comply with the undertakings, the Government will recover the unspent subsidy from the employer and may impose a charge thereupon.


The Anti-epidemic Fund (Fund) set up by the HKSAR government is committed to supporting the construction industry to fight against the virus by improving the anti-contagion measures at construction sites and strengthening the workers' personal protective equipment. The Construction Industry Council (CIC) co-ordinates and manages the subsidy in relation to construction industry.

The second round of measures are to provide further assistance or relief to the public and enterprises hard hit by the current epidemic or affected by anti-epidemic measures.

The Second Round of Construction Industry “Anti-epidemic Fund” (Workers) - Introductory Video

The Second Round of Construction Industry “Anti-epidemic Fund" (Workers) - Video on Frequently Asked Questions

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