Nomination and Rules

Candidates can join any of the following divisions:

  • CIC Trainee Division :
    Full-time CIC trainees who are studying during the nomination period or who have graduated within 3 months prior to the nomination deadline, can be nominated by instructors or self-nominated.
  • Practitioner Division :
    Practitioners who are working in the industry can be nominated by employers or self-nominated.
  • Student Division :
    All secondary students who are studying Form 4 or above and interested in the industry, and university students who are studying subjects in relation to construction before the nomination deadline, can be nominated by principals, professors, teachers or self-nominated.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All decisions made by the Organiser and Judging Panel shall be final.
  • The selected “Ambassadors” should attend the press conference and appointment ceremony (where applicable), and participate in related activities afterwards, otherwise the Organiser has the right to withdraw their Ambassador title.
  • Ambassadors should consent to the publication of their personal information.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to amend rules, awards and related matters without prior notice. The Organiser reserves the right to the final decision on relevant matters.

The Construction Industry Ambassador Nomination 2017 Nomination Form can be downloaded HERE