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The General Vendor List is maintained for management of registered General Vendors for common goods and services. General Vendors in this list shall receive procurement invitations issued for the category(ies) of works or goods or services for which they have been included, as and when opportunities arise.

Applications received shall be processed by the PD. Subject to verification of application form and required documents, applicants that are found acceptable shall be included in the General Vendor List. General Vendors’ continued inclusions in this list will depend on their demonstrated abilities to offer competitive quotes and on their performance in connection with any order(s) or contract(s) which they have been awarded. The CIC reserves the right to review the status of a General Vendor in the light of any new information that may affect status.

Responsibilities of a General Vendor

A.   To submit correct and updated company particulars including valid business registration certificate, etc.;

B.   To respond to CIC procurement invitations;

C.   To comply fully with the contract / order requirements after award of contract / order and perform satisfactorily; and

D.   To maintain a sound business and refrain from any business fraud, breach of law or unethical practices.

Performance Evaluation

General Vendors' performance is being evaluated on individual contract basis and may be taken into consideration for future procurement invitations.

The following indicators will be considered in evaluating General Vendors' performance under this list:

A.   Quality of Workmanship / Goods / Services;

B.   Timeliness of Goods / Service Delivery;

C.   Compliance with Technical Terms & Specifications / User Requirements and the Requirements of Material Delivered;

D.   Supervision for Service Delivery;

E.   Vendor’s Staff Behaviour / Attitude and Quality & Efficiency of Support Service;

F.    Performance of Safety Operations (if applicable); and

G.   Co-ordination with the CIC.

Deletion from the General Vendor List

General Vendors shall be immediately deleted from the General Vendor List by the CIC under the following circumstances:

A.   Request by the General Vendor in writing;

B.   The General Vendor ceases to carry on business;

C.   Bankruptcy; and

D.   Involvement in business fraud, breach of law or unethical practices.

Other circumstances which may lead to the deletion of a General Vendor from the General Vendor List, in the absence of justifiable cause, include:

A.   Failure to respond to procurement invitations; and

B.   Poor performance in terms of timeliness of delivery / completion, compliance with specifications of services / works / products, staff performance and product or work or service quality.

Application form for the inclusion in the CIC General Vendor List is available for download:


For any enquiries regarding the application for inclusion in the General Vendor List, please contact:

Procurement Department
Construction Industry Council
38/F, COS Centre,
56 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong,
Hong Kong

Tel. No.: 2100 9000
Fax No.: 2100 9439

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