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Construction Industry Caring Campaign - Fight against Novel Coronavirus Phase 2

Construction Industry Caring Campaign

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  1. Provide monetary assistance and caring support to registered construction workers affected by the epidemic of novel coronavirus

  2. Unite the construction industry and spread positive energy

Donation Form

Target Beneficiaries:

Registered construction workers (holding a valid Construction Workers Registration Card) and designated registered workers* who:

  1. Must be registered as a construction worker / designated worker before 17 February 2020^; and
  2. Had received / are now receiving a compulsory quarantine due to close contacts of COVID-19 Confirmed cases (Cap. 599A Prevention and Control of Disease Regulation); or
  3. Have been confirmed as infected with COVID-19.

With effect from 2 February 2021, the “Construction Industry Caring Campaign - Fight against Novel Coronavirus” does not accept applications from applicants who come from the Mainland, Macao and Taiwan to Hong Kong (Cap. 599C Compulsory Quarantine of Certain Persons Arriving at Hong Kong Regulation), or come from overseas countries and regions to Hong Kong (Cap. 599E Compulsory Quarantine of Persons Arriving at Hong Kong from Foreign Places Regulation).

^The Construction Workers Registration Cards or Registration Cards / Licenses must still be valid on 16 February 2020.

*Applicants shall hold the registration cards / licenses issued by the HKSAR Electrical and Mechanical Services Department / Water Supplies Department / Fire Services Department / Buildings Department, including:

  • Registered Electrical Workers
  • Registered Lift Workers
  • Registered Escalator Workers
  • Registered Gas Installers
  • Licensed Plumbers
  • Registered Fire Service Installation Contractors (Individual) Class 3
  • Registered Minor Works Contractors (Individual) Class III 

Services under the scheme:

  1. Monetary Assistance

    Target Beneficiaries

    Rate (HK$)

    Limit (HK$)

    Worker placed in compulsory quarantine

    300 per day


    Worker diagnosed with novel coronavirus

    500 per day


    Immediate family of deceased worker infected with novel coronavirus

    100,000 in a lump sum


  2. Caring Support - provide the following services to workers and their families affected by epidemic of the novel coronavirus
    ~ Make caring calls
    ~ Purchase and deliver basic necessities
    ~ Coordinate industry care resources
    ~ Send “Caring Pack”
    ~ Referral to social groups and professional services


Submit the application via WhatsApp / WeChat to 9764 1945

Supporting Documents:

  1. Applicant’s valid Construction Workers Registration Card / Registration Card or License of designated workers*;
  2. Applicant’s Compulsory Quarantine Order issued by the HKSAR Department of Health / Applicant’s Medical Certificate specifying novel coronavirus diagnosis issued by the HKSAR Hospital Authority / Death Record of the deceased worker issued by the HKSAR Immigration Department; and
  3. Applicant’s bank account proof: e.g. Bank statement / bank passbook / ATM card

Hotline: 2100 9000

Construction Industry Council reserves the right to modify or amend the Terms and Conditions from time to time.

Acknowledgement of Donations Received

Special thanks to members of the community who have rendered unreserved support to the above caring campaign. Their generous donations are deeply appreciated.


Ace Construction Co Ltd

Adrian Construction Limited

Airport Authority Hong Kong

Alliance Contracting Co Ltd

Analogue Holdings Ltd

Anlev Elex Elevator Limited

Aqualink Material Limited

Architectural Services Department Quantity Surveyors' Association

Arcadis Hong Kong Limited

Architex Interiors Limited 

Artwright Engineering & Construction Ltd

ATAL Building Services Engineering Limited

ATAL Data Centre Infrastructure Limited

ATAL Engineering Limited

Bachy Soletanche Group Ltd

Bestrich Engineering Ltd

Billion Rise Engineering Limited

Bordon Construction Company Limited

Build King Holdings Limited

Buildeco Contracting (HK) Co Ltd

Bun Kee (International) Limited

BYME Engineering (HK) Ltd.

Canica Building Materials Limited

Carrier Construction Ltd

Chai Kee Engineering Company Ltd.

Chan Kiu Construction Decoration Engineering Limited

Chan Shum Kee Sam Lee Construction Co Ltd

Channel Systems Limited

Charter House Engineering Limited

Cheung Fung Metal Trading Company Limited

Cheung Kee Fung Cheung Const. Co. Ltd

Chevalier International Holdings Ltd

Chi Kan Woodworks Company Limited

Chin Pang Engineering Co Ltd

China Road and Bridge Corporation

China State Construction International Holdings Limited

Chinese Estates, Limited

Ching Lee Engineering Limited

Chinney Construction Co Ltd

Chit Tat Electrical Engineering Ltd

Chiu Kee Steel Work Limited

Choi Charn Interior Decoration And Engineering Limited

Choi Nam Kee Company Limited

Choi Sum Water Pipe Service Co Ltd

Chun Cheung Kee Scaffolding Works

Chun Lee Engineering Co Ltd

Chun Wo Charitable Foundation LTD

Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited

Chun Yip Construction Company Limited

Chung Chin Construction & Engineering Co Ltd

Chung Wai Air-conditioning Eng. Co., Ltd.

Concordance Engineering & Surveying Service Co Ltd

Continental Cement & Gypsum Company Ltd

Contractor's Authorised Signatory Association Ltd.

Cornwall Contracting Co. Ltd.

CR Construction Company Limited

Daikin Airconditioning (Hong Kong) Limited

Dao Kee Construction Co Ltd

Diploma Construction Ltd

Dixie Engineering Co Ltd

Double Concrete Pump Company Limited

Dragages Hong Kong Limited

Easytech E&M Engineering Ltd.

Efatar Environmental Protection Equipment Limited

Elibo Engineering Ltd

Eric Tse Cement Works Company Limited

Fai Wong Iron Work Construction Co Ltd

Fars Engineering Limited

Fong Shu Fook Tong Foundation

Fook Loong (HK) Limited

Fortune Links Hong Kong Limited

Forwin Site Investigation Engineering Ltd

Fraser Construction Co Ltd

Friendly Benefit Engineering Ltd

Fruit Design & Build Ltd


Fu Ying Engineering Limited

Fujitec (HK) Co Ltd

Fullchamp Construction Eng. Ltd.

G. P. Construction Company Limited

Gammon Construction Limited

Gammon E&M Ltd

Genuine Treasure Access and Scaffolding Limited

Goldfield N&W Construction Company Co Ltd

Goldfield Specialist Contractors & Engineers Ltd

Great Mega Design & Build Ltd

Green Island Cement Company Ltd

GTECH Services (Hong Kong) Ltd

Guardian Fire Engineers & Consulatants Ltd

Hang Kee Eng Co Ltd

Hang Lee(H.K.)Engineering Company Limited

Hanison Construction Company Limited

Hin Kiu International Limited

Hip Hing Construction Co Ltd

Hip Luen(Yip Ping) Engineering Company Limited

Hip Seng Caring Fund

Hippocampus Construction Co. Ltd

Ho Wing Kee Iron Works Ltd

Hoi Kee Construction Ltd

Hon Sing Construction & Engineering Limited

Hong Kong Concrete Company Ltd

Hong Kong Construction Industry Employees General Union

Hong Kong Construction Materials Association

Hong Kong Construction Sub-contractors Association Limited

Hong Kong Electrical Contractors'Association Ltd

Hong Kong Federation of Electrical and Mechanical Contractors Ltd.

Hong Kong Housing Society

Hong Kong Institution of Highways and Transportation

Hong Kong Macau (Asia) Engineering Co Ltd

Hong Kong Painting Contractors Association

Hong Kong Plumbing and Sanitary Ware Trade Association We Care Relief & Edicuation Fund Ltd

Hong Kong Tower Crane Association Limited

Hop Lee Builders Co Ltd

Hop Yuen Construction Limited

Hun Yip Engineering Co

Hung Kee Brickie Engineering Co

Hung Tung Construction Company Limited

Huns Engineering Company Limited

IES Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited

InnoTec Engineering Ltd

Innovative Construction (Sino) Limited

Lik Kai Engineering Co., Ltd.

Jiu Ji Construction Ltd

Jumbo Orient Contracting Limited

Junefair Engineering Co Ltd

Junic Construction Co Ltd

K. Wah Construction Materials Ltd. (K. Wah Quarry Company Limited)

Kai-jing Construction Contracting Limited

Kam Tai Construction Co Ltd

Kembla (HK) Limited

Keung Kee Metal Engineering Limited

Keystone Electric Wire & Cable Co Ltd

Kin Ming Construction Company Limited

Kin On (Mould) Construction Engineering Limited

Kingsbro Engineering Co. Ltd.

Kinsway Construction Co Ltd

KONE Elevator (HK) Ltd

Konwall Construction & Engineering Co Ltd

Kowloon Development Engineering Ltd

Krueger Engineering (Asia) Ltd

Kudos Construction Ltd

Kum Shing Engineering Co Ltd

Kwan Cheong Construction Ltd

Kwan Shing Construction Ltd

Kwok Wing Construction & Engineering Company Limited

Kum Shing (K.F.) Construction Co Ltd

Lagardere Sports Asia (HK) Limited

Lap Shing Construction Limited

Lee Shing Masonry Engineering Ltd

Leung Pui Form Mould & Engineering Co Limited

Linking D & D Company Limited

Luen Ming E & M Engineering Ltd.

Luen Wah Machine Welding & Iron Works

LWK & Partners (HK) Limited

Majestic Engineering Company Limited

Marboloy Engineering Ltd.

Masontech Limited

Maxcredit Engineering Ltd

Maxim Engineering Company Limited

Mesan Fiberglass Engineering (International) Limited

Mew Fook Kee Air Conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd

Milton Construction Engineering Ltd

Ming Tai Construction Engineering Company Limited

MJ Consultants Limited

Mok Sum Kee Construction Co Ltd

Mustard Seed Foundation (Mr. K.K. CHAN)

New Concepts Foundation Limited

New City Construction Co Ltd

New Hopes Construction Co Ltd

New House Construction Co Ltd

New Sky Engineering Limited

New Standard Construction Company Limited

New World Construction Company Limited

Newland Engineering Ltd

Nixon Technology Co Ltd

OPTIMIX Group Limited

Oriental Foundation Development Ltd.

Oriental Landscapes Limited

Pacific Construction Ltd

Pacific Sense Enterprises Limited

Paul Y. Engineering Group Limited

PHM Contracting Company Ltd

Ping Tak Investment Co Ltd

Plant & Co Ltd

Procurement International Ltd

Prominent Construction Engineering and Surveying Co Ltd

Pyrofoe Engineers Ltd.

Realty Cheng & Partners Construction Ltd

REC Engineering Co Ltd


Richwell Engineering Ltd

Rider Levett Bucknall

Sanfield Building Contractors Ltd

Schindler Lifts (Hong Kong) Ltd

Schneider Electric (HK) Ltd

Sheen Unicorn Limited

Sherex Engineering Limited

Sheung Moon Construction Ltd

Shih Wing Ching Foundation Ltd

Shing Leung Kee Painters Company Limited

Shing Hing Construction Co Ltd

Shun Tung Engineering Co Ltd

Shun Yick & Co., Ltd.

Shun Yuen Construction Co Ltd

Sing Fai Advertising Engineering Limited

Sing Fai Company

Sing Fat Construction Co Ltd

Sino Group

Sino-Sky Signs (HK) Ltd

Sinolink Engineering Ltd.

SKK (H.K.) Co Ltd

SOCAM Development Limited

Southa Investment Co Ltd

Southa Technical Ltd

Star Works Company Limited

Success Proper Limited

Sum Kee Construction Limited

Sun Chung Kee Company Limited

Sun On Engineering Co Ltd

Sundart Holdings Limited

Sunley Engineering & Construction Co Ltd

Sunnic Engineering Ltd

Tactful Building Co Ltd

Tak Hing Construction Co Ltd

Talent Ocean Construction Engineering Ltd

Techoy Construction Co Ltd

The Association of Registered Fire Service Installation Contractors of HK Ltd

The H.K. & China Gas Company Ltd

The Hong Kong Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Association Limited

The Hong Kong Construction Association Charity Fund Ltd

The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers - Geotechnical Division

The Hong Kong Real Property Federation Limited

The Hong Kong Registered Contractors Association

The Hongkong Electric Co Ltd

The Jardine Engineering Corporation, Ltd

The Lift & Escalator Contractors Association

Tin Wo Engineering Company Limited

Tin Yau Engineering Limited

TK Engineering Ltd

To's Universe Construction Co Ltd

Token Engineering Ltd

Top Spring International Holdings Limited

Trane Hong Kong

Treasure Engineering HK Co., Limited

Trustful Engineering & Construction Company Limited

Tsui's Painting Company

Tysan Building Construction Co Ltd

Tysan Foundation Ltd

U-Tech Engineering Co Ltd

Union Contractors Ltd

Unistress Building Construction Ltd

Unitacs Construction Co Ltd

United Anex Engineering Limited

United Building Contractors Limited

United Construction & Engineering Co.

Urban Renewal Authority

Vibro (HK) Ltd

Viewco Building Services & Engineering Company Limited

Wadabuild Construction Ltd

Wah Lap Construction Ltd

Wai Lee Engineering Company Limited

Wai Tai Engineering (H.K.) Co Ltd. 

Wai Tak Engineering Limited

Wai Yuen Electric Co

Wan Chung Construction Co. Ltd.

Wang On Group

Wealth Bridge Trading Co Ltd

Wecon Limited

Well United Fire Services Engineering Co Ltd

Wellfit International Engineering Ltd

Wing Fat Building Construction Ltd

Wing Kwong Painting Company Limited

Wing Tai Properties (HK) Limited

Wing Yip Building Materials & Engineering Co.

Winston Air Conditioning &Engineering (HK) Co., Limited

Wo Hing Construction Co Ltd

Wong Po Kee Ltd

World Faith C. Engineering Ltd

World Marketing Development Centre Ltd

World Pacific Scaffolding Systems Ltd.

Worldstar Engineering Limited

Yau Lee Building Construction and Decoration Company Limited

Yau Lee Construction Co Ltd

Ying Wah Machinery & Construction Co Limited

Ying Wai (Chan Kiu) Construction Engineering Co., Limited

York Choi Industrial Limited

YOTTA Engineering Co Ltd

Young's Engineering Co Ltd

Yuen Cheong Construction Co Ltd

Yung Kee Engineering Ltd

*In alphabetical order

Hip Seng Caring Fund Cheque Presentation
Hip Seng Caring Fund Cheque Presentation
The Hong Kong Real Property Federation Limited Cheque Presentation
Top Spring International Holdings Limited Cheque Presentation


Mr. AU Kai-ming, Francis

Ir Allan CHAN

Ir CHAN Chik-yuen

Mr. CHAN Fut-yan

Mr. CHAN Ka-ho

Mr. CHAN Kai-wah

Mr. CHAN Kei-wo

Mr. CHAN Kin-lam

Mr. CHAN Kin-piu

Mr. CHAN Kin-wa

Mr. CHAN Kok-yen

Mr. CHAN Ming-kei

Ms. CHAN Pui-yin, Marcia

Ms. CHAN Sin-hung, Sherry

Mr. CHAN Sui-keung

Mr. CHAN Tak-chak

Mr. CHAN Tak-yan


Mr. CHAN Tsin-ching, Jim

Mr. CHAN Wai-kin

Ir CHAN Wai-yee

Mr. CHAN Yik-man

Ms. CHAN Yuk-yee

Mr. CHANG Chung-to

Mr. CHAU Hoi-ming

Dr. CHENG Chin-pang, Jack

Mr. CHENG Ka-mun, Dick

Mr. CHENG Kwok-shing

Ms. CHENG Pui-yee, Tina

Dr. CHENG Tak-ming, Eric

Mr. CHENG Wing-tong

Mr. CHENG Yip-wah

Ms. CHENG Yuen-hung, Ivy

Mr. CHEUNG Chi-wah

Mr. CHEUNG Chun-ying

Mr. CHEUNG Hoi-man

Mr. CHEUNG King-wah

Mr. CHEUNG Ming-ki

Mr. CHEUNG Wah-yau

Mr. CHEUNG Yuk-kei

Mr. CHIANG Man-leung

Mr. CHIN Chun-ting

Mr. CHIU Kwok-hung

Mr. CHOI Chi-hang

Ms. CHOI Chin-cheung

Mr. CHOI King-hung

Mr. CHOI Wai-hung

Mr. CHOR Tai-wai

Ms. CHOW Hiu-ching

Mr. CHOW Hon-chung

Mr. CHOW Yik-shing

Mr. CHU Lap-tak

Mr. CHU Wai-chung

Mr. CHU Yin-lin

Mr. CHUNG Kai-man

Mr. CHUNG Kwok-hung

Mr. CHUNG Siu-kun

Mr. CHUNG Wing-hong

Mr. CHUNG Wing-yin

Mr. CHUNG Yiu-kei

Ms. DAI Yuen-fan

Ms. Carol DU

Mr. FONG Chi-hang

Mr. FONG Tak-yau

Ms. FONG Wing-shan

Mr. FUNG Chun-kong

Mr. HAU Tak-wai, Henry

Mr. HO Chi-chiu

Mr. HO Chung-yip

Mr. Ho Kin-wai, Stephen

Mr. HO Kwing-kwong, Alex

Miss HO Kwok-yung, Karen

Ms. HO Siu-wah, Annie

Mr. HO Tak-sum

Mr. HO Wing-hei

Mr. HO Yau-ho

Mr. HUI Kwok-leung

Mr. HUNG Man-chung

Mr. IP Hang-kay

Mr. IP Mau-chung

Ms. IP Wai

Mr. KO Hin-man

Ir KONG Mau-shing, Marsden

MS. KONG Yin-fun

Mr. KOO Yau-fat

Ms. Molly KWAN

Mr. KWAN Wing-ming

Mr. KWAN Wing-yin

Ms. KWOK Ming-lo

Mr. KWOK Tsuen-shing

Ms. KWOK Yin-nei

Ms. Christy KWONG

Mr. KWONG Ka-kin

Mr. LAI Leung-kai

Mr. LAI Shun-hei

Mr. LAM Chi-chung

Mr. LAM Chin-hung

Ms. LAM Chi-ting

Mr. LAM Kin-hei

Mr. LAM Kin-wing, Eddie

Mr. LAM King-wai

Mr. LAM O. K., Peter

Mr. LAM Wing-ho

Mr. LAM Wing-tung

Mr. LAM Yiu-wa

Ir LAU Chi-wai, Franklin

Mr. LAU Kin-kwong

Mr. LAU Kit-ming, Statell

Mr. LAU Lik-wing

Mr. Raymond LAU

Ms. LAU Wai-yan, Sofia

Ir Annie LAW

Ir LAW Moon-tong

Mr. LAW Shui-kei

Mr. LAW Wai-shing

Mr. LEE Chiu-man, Davy

Mr. LEE Hoi-ching

Mr. LEE Kam-hung

Mr. LEE Kam-yiu, George

Ms. LEE Oi-lin

Mr. LEE San-kong

Ms. Tinny LEE

Ms. LEE Wai-king

Ms. LEE Wai-ming

Mr. LEE Wing-keung

Mr. LEE Woon-fai

Mr. LEE Yick-keung

Ms. LEE Yuen-fun

Mr. LEUNG Chi-kong

Mr. LEUNG Chi-kuen

Mr. LEUNG Chi-man

Mr. LEUNG Kai-che

Mr. LEUNG Kin-hong

Mr. LEUNG King-ho

Mr. LEUNG Kwai-pui

Mr. LEUNG Kwok-keung

Mr. LEUNG Lai-sum

Sr LEUNG Ming-tak, Timothy

Ms. LEUNG Mun-chong

Miss LEUNG Nim-wai, May

Ms. LEUNG Shan-shan, Veron

Mr. LEUNG Ting-chung

Mr. LEUNG Wai-cheung

Ms. LEUNG Wai-ching

Mr. LEUNG Wai-hung

Ms. LEUNG Ying-kiu

Mr. LI Ching-to

Mr. LI Kang-fai

Mr. Paul LI

Mr. LI Wai-hou

Mr. LI Wing-kit

Mr. Zhichao LI

Mr. LIN King-man, Patrick

Mr. LIU Chi-sang

Ms. Elle LIU

Mr. LIU Lap-keung

Mr. LIU Man-lok, Peter

Mr. LIU Yan-chi

Ir Anthony LO

Mr. LO Chi-wai

Ms. LO Kit-sum, Stephanie

Mr. LO Yuen-lai

Miss LUI Fai-kat

Ms. LUI Fung-yee

Mr. LUI Lok-chun

Mr. MAN Kam-sui

Mr. MIU Sheung-kai

Mr. MUI Yan-shan

Mr. NG Chi-man

Ms. Erika NG

Mr. NG Kwok-kuen

Mr. NG Kwok-wah

Mr. NG Wai-hung

Mr. NG Wai-lun

Mr. NGAI Chak-hung

Dr. NGAI Chun, Stephen

Mr. NGAN Kwok-hip

Mr. NGO Siu-hing

Mr. OR Som-yuen

Ir Dr. PANG Pui-loi, Richard

Mr. Edward Chong PONG

Ir Dr. Otto POON

Mr. POON Tai-fai

Hon SHEK Lai-him, Abraham

Mr. SHEK Wai-hung

Mr. SHEUNG Chuen-kan

Mr. SHIU Ka-fai

Mr. SIN Wing-ning

Mr. SIU Hon-kwong

Mr. SIU Wing-fai

Mr. Dino SO

Ms. SUEN Wing-han

Mr. SZE Leung-kwai

Mr. SZETO Kin-keung

Mr. Simon TAM

Ms. TAM Sze-hang, Priscilla

Mr. Tony TAM

Mr. TAM Yiu-leung

Mr. TANG Kai-man

Mr. TANG Kam-fai

Mr. TANG Luen-tai, Lawrence

Ir TANG Siu-sing, Peter

Mr. William THONG

Mr. TO Fai

Ms. TO Lau, Deanna

Mr. TO Wing-keung

Ir TONG Yiu-nam

Mr. TSANG Chi-man

Mr. TSANG Chiu-keung

Mr. TSANG Chun-wah

Mr. TSANG Fuk-chuen

Mr. TSANG Ling-yee

Mr. TSANG Ping-wai

Mr. TSE Kam-chi

Ms. TSE Vai-kuan, Vicky

Ms. TSOI Man-kwan

Mr. TSUI Kam-shui

Mr. TSUI Wai

Mr. WAN King-ho

Mr. WO Kin-kee

Mr. WONG Chun-fat

Mr. WONG Doon-yee

Ir Dr. Francis WONG

Mr. George WONG

Mr. WONG Hon-fai

Ms. Ida WONG

Mr. James WONG

Mr. WONG Ka-chun

Ms. WONG Ka-wai

Mr. WONG Kin-hung

Mr. WONG Kim-hung

Mr. WONG Kim-lung

Ms. WONG Lai-man

Ms. WONG Lai-ping

Ms. WONG Pui-ming

Mr. Roy WONG

Mr. WONG Tung-man

Mr. WONG Wah-shing

Ms. WONG Yuen-yee

Ms. WONG Yuen-ting

Mr. WU Ki-wai

Mr. WU King-ki

Mr. YAM Wai-kuen

Mr. YAU Ho-him

Mr. YEUNG Fuk-chuen, Jacky

Ms. YEUNG Kwong-yim, Connie

Mr. YIP Wai-hung

Ir YIP Wing-chung

Mr. YIP Yau-hung

Miss YIM Ah-fan

Mr. YIU Cheuk-man

Ms. YIU Chi-hoi, Sandy

Mr. YIU Leung-tak

Mr. YIU Sai-keung

Mr. YU Kwok-wah

Ms. YU Mi-chu, Judith

Mr. Rex YU

Mr. YUE Wai-keung

Mr. YEUNG Lap-chit

Mr. YU Wai-ming

Ms. YUEN Hou-yee

Mr. YUEN Ka-fai

Mr. Kim YUEN

Mr. YUEN Man-hok

*In alphabetical order

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