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Join Now - Young Leaders Network of Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme

Young Leaders Network (the Network) aims to provide an impetus and resources platform to nurture new generations of leaders of the Registered Specialist Trade Contractors and Registered Subcontractors of the Construction Industry Council (CIC).

Managerial and supervisory staff aged 45 or below of the CIC Registered Specialist Trade Contractors and Registered Subcontractors.

Network Initiatives
✔ Grasp the latest innovation trend
✔ Exchange project experiences
✔ Network with industry leaders
✔ Expand business network
✔ Drive industry transformation
✔ Strengthen industry cohesiveness

Your participation
Please fill in the form below for application. All particulars must be completed. If not applicable, please insert "N/A".

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The Construction Industry Council (CIC) will add your mobile phone number into the WhatsApp group of Young Leaders Network, and will provide any information for its activities or developments in the Construction Industry. You can choose whether to join the WhatsApp group. If you cannot join the group, please tick the box below:
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I undertake that all information provided in the application process are true, correct and accurate and acknowledge that the CIC shall at any time in any circumstances exercise its absolute discretion to approve or not my application, withdraw or amend the provision of any products or services without prior notice.

I have read and understand the following [Personal Information Collection Statement]

  1. The CIC will collect personal data from you during the application process and use the information collected for the purpose of processing your application and activities organised by the CIC. Provision of your personal data is voluntary. In the event that you refuse to provide certain information required, the CIC may not be able to process your application.
  2. In order to keep applicants informed of the latest CIC activities and developments in the industry, CIC will use the applicant's personal data, including the applicant's name, telephone number and email address, for providing up-to-date information on training courses, testing, registration, event projects, CIC work and other aspects of the construction industry to applicants via letters, emails, mobile phones and other social media. The applicant may choose whether or not to agree to receive the above information. If you do not wish to receive any information sent through the above channels, please put a tick in the brackets below.

I do not agree to receive information on the activities of CIC and the construction industry from CIC in the future.

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