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Construction Workers Professional Development Scheme
Application for Resubmission (Form B)

The application for Construction Workers Professional Development Scheme 2023 has been closed. Applicants should pass the designated trade tests before 31 December 2023. Results will be announced in the Q1 2024. Notifications will be sent to the awardees’ email address and posted at the CIC website.

Note to submission
1. Form B is for applicants who need to modify information in the submitted applications for the Scheme only (Details refer to Part B).
2. Each applicant can only submit Form B ONCE only.
3. CIC will review each case to consider whether the application of resubmission should be accepted.
4. A confirmation email will be sent to applicants if the application is accepted. Applicants can then fill in and submit Form A again after receiving the confirmation.
5. The new application will be assigned a new order as the original application is void.
(Part A) Personal information*
Application no.
Worker Registration No.
Contact no.
(Part B) Reason for resubmission*
I write to cancel the original application (Application no.: A) and resubmit a new application because:
I would like to revise my personal data.
I failed the applied trade test and would like to retake.
I would like to modify the Trade Test(s)/Intermediate Trade Test(s) applied in my previous application.
Terms and Conditions
1. I certify that all the information given in this application form is true and accurate.
2. I understand that it takes time to activate the resubmission. And if the application for resubmission is accepted, the new application will be assigned a new order as the original application is void.
3. I agree and authorise CIC to obtain and verify their personal data with relevant institutions when necessary.
4. CIC may at its absolute discretion without notice at any time and under any circumstances withdraw or modify the provisions of any goods or services.
5. I understand that CIC reserves the right of final decision on all arrangements of the Scheme.
I agree to the Terms and Conditions.
Personal Information Collection Statement
1. Collection of Personal Data
1.1. The information you provide to the Construction Industry Council, its affiliates, and / or its subsidiaries, including, but not limited to, the Hong Kong Institute of Construction and Zero Carbon Building, Construction Sector Imported Labour Quarters Limited (collectively, the “CIC”), including any personal data as defined in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap.486), will be used solely for purposes related to the activities of the CIC. The activity and the required personal data are detailed in the application form.
1.2. Whether or not you provide your personal data to the CIC is voluntary. However, where you are providing information for the purpose of an application, it is necessary that you supply the CIC with complete information as specified on the application form. Otherwise, the CIC may be unable to process or consider your application. If you are under the age of 18, you should consult your parent or guardian before providing any personal data to us.
1.3. You are entitled to request access to and correction of any errors in your personal data. If you wish to do so, please write to Assistant Director – Registration Services (Data Access Request), Construction Industry Council, 38/F COS Centre, 56 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon. Should you have any enquiries about our PICS and related practices, please contact us at the above address or via [email protected]. For more information about the CIC’s policies on privacy and personal data protection, you can access our Privacy Policy Statement at
2. Purposes of Collection
Your personal data will be kept confidential and may be used by the CIC for the following purposes:
a. CIC’s staff and/or any third-party engaged by the CIC in the event organized by the CIC may take photos and/or videos of the participants including you and may publish them on the social media and / or communications at the CIC’s or other social media or communications for marketing and promotional purposes. It is obligatory for you to provide the CIC with your personal data for the stated purposes. Otherwise, we will not be able to process or consider your application.
b. The CIC will be recording video and audio of the event but no personal data of the participants will be collected. The video and audio recording will be used by the CIC for promotional and educational purposes only. No participant shall publish the content of the sharing session in any format (including but not limited to recording audios and videos) without prior written consent from the CIC.
c. Facilitating communication with you;
d. Performing and exercising functions and powers of the CIC under relevant legislation, rules and sub-legislation, including but not limited to the Construction Industry Council Ordinance (Cap. 587) and Construction Workers Registration Ordinance (Cap. 583);
e. Establishing, exercising and defending the CIC’s legal rights, and complying with the CIC’s legal and regulatory obligations (including anti-money laundering obligations, complying with orders by courts or regulators, etc.);
f. Managing access to the CIC’s premises and for security purposes;
g. Preventing and responding to actual or potential security threats, fraud or illegal activities;
h. Handling complaints or enquiries;
i. Performing analysis and conducting research and surveys;
j. Performing audits and compliance reviews to ensure compliance with the applicable CIC’s policies and procedures, regulations and law;
k. Other purposes related or incidental to the conduct of the CIC’s activities; and
l. Any other purposes that you may consent to from time to time.
3. Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Data
3.1 The CIC may disclose or transfer your personal data for the purposes as stated in paragraph 2 to third parties, including but not limited to the following:
a. Any or all of the CIC’s affiliates and/or subsidiaries;
b. Any third party service providers, contractors/sub-contractors that, on behalf of the CIC, operate or maintain membership, event registration, tour booking, researches and/or analysis, or carry out back-end services, administrative services, verification services, cloud services or information technology services, or provide necessary support or services to the CIC to enable us to provide our services, including any insurance, banking or third party payment gateways services used by the CIC, and any other entities that discharge contractual obligations on our behalf;
c. Any of the CIC’s professional advisors, including but not limited to lawyers, accountants and auditors; or
d. Any party that owes a duty of confidentiality to the CIC.
3.2 We may disclose and transfer your personal data in accordance with any legal or regulatory requirements or any court order applicable to the CIC.
4. Use of Personal Data Related to Direct Marketing
To keep you informed of CIC activities and developments in the construction industry which may be of interest, the CIC would like to use your personal data, including your name, phone number, correspondence and email address, to update you in relation to CIC training courses, trade testing, registration, events and other aspects of its work and developments in the construction industry.

You are free to decide whether you wish to receive such information. If you choose not to receive information on the above, please put a tick in the box below. You may make any subsequent changes on your choice of receiving promotional materials by writing to us.
I do not wish to receive any promotional information from the CIC in relation to its activities or developments in the construction industry.
I confirm that I have carefully read, understood and agreed to the above Terms and Conditions & the Personal Information Collection Statement.


Application for Resubmission has been received. We are processing the application. Please stay tuned to your registered email. For enquiries, please contact us (email: [email protected] / Tel: 2100 9407 / Whatsapp: 5498 5946).