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The “Life First” campaign aims to enhance safety awareness among the construction industry and raise safety standards on sites.

The “Life First” campaign was firstly introduced by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) in 2020 and received positive feedback from the industry stakeholders. In view of this, The CIC strives to continue the ideas of “Life First” and initiate it again this year since May 2021. It is recommended to conduct a review and personnel at all levels shall inspect their own works and the potential risks involved. Top management will conduct site walk with consultants, resident site personnel and site management teams to review site operation and risk management, implement improvement measures, as well as to deliver key safety messages to all levels of workforce. 

Through this campaign, we aim to raise safety awareness of all stakeholders and to reduce number of fatalities by identifying and reviewing operations of site specific high-risk activities, including 1) Working at height; 2) Heavy Machinery; 3) Lifting; and 4) Electricity.

All industry stakeholders have roles and responsibilities to enhance construction safety. We look forward to your participation and support for the “Life First” campaign. Details please refer to the link below:

Join the LIFE FIRST 2021 Campaign


Last Updated: 2021-06-22 18:15:37