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New and Renewal Application

Required documents include the followings:

  1. A completed and signed “Application Form for Construction Workers Registration
  2. Hong Kong Identity Card
  3. Other identity documents (only applicable to non-Hong Kong permanent resident), such as “Home Return Permit”, or “One Way Exit Permit", or passport/ travel document/ other documents with a valid employment visa relevant to the trade division(s) of the application
  4. Valid Construction Industry Safety Training Certificate (Green Card) (with at least 30 days of validity remained on the day of application)
  5. Qualification documents of related trade divisions with at least 30 days of validity remained on the day of application
  6. Valid certificate for certain trade divisions:
    • Diver - medical certificate within 1 year
    • Lift Mechanic / Escalator Mechanic
    • Building Security System Mechanic – Valid Security Personnel Permit (Category “D”)
  7. Recent colour photo showing full frontal face with clear facial features. No hat/ear pods, eyes are not covered by hair (Applicable to new registration applied by mail / electronic channels only)


  1. Applicants can renew the Construction Workers Registration 6 months before its expiry date.
  2. Application of a trade division registration will not be considered if the submitted information is incomplete.
  3. CIC will ask concerned authorities to verify the information provided by the applicants.
  4. Applicants whose Green Cards / Trade Test Certificates are issued by CIC / former Construction Industry Training authority do not need to bring along their cards / original certificates for application. CIC staff will verify the qualifications through the computer system.
  5. Applicants who have already submitted their application forms together with the copies of required documents through Group Submission, can bring along the original of the required documents and application fee only when they visit the workers registration service centre selected for application in person at appointed time.

Alignment of Expiry Date of Workers Registration Card and Green Card

You can connect your Construction Workers Registration Card with your Green Card (officially called the Construction Industry Safety Training Certificate), by aligning the expiry date of your Registration Card and your Green Card. The expiry date of your Green Card will then be printed at the back of your Registration Card. With this arrangement, you can work on construction sites without the need of bringing your Green Card along before the aligned expiry date. This arrangement has been accepted by the Labour Department from 2009, please click here for more details.

Application for alignment of expiry date is free of charge. Please refer to the below table for the corresponding registration fee:

Validity of the Green Card Corresponding Registration Fee
36months and above HK$80
24-35 months HK$60
18-23 months HK$40
Less than 18 months The arrangement of “Alignment of Expiry Date” is not applicable

“Alignment of Expiry Date” is only applicable to new and renewal applications of normal registration, except the following circumstances:

  • Any provisional registration;
  • Work in Hong Kong with a working visa
  • Re-issuance of Registration Card for changing or adding trade division(s);
  • Replacement of Worker Registration Card;
  • Information Update;
  • Validity of Green Card is less than 18 months.

How to Apply

Check the box of "Application for Alignment of Expiry Date" and sign on the Workers Registration Application Form. Attach the copy of your Green Card with the form or show your Green Card to the staff at the Workers Registration Service Points.

Enquiries : 2873 1911

Last Updated: 2021-04-07 09:22:11