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Advanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme - Pilot Scheme (SEC)

Advanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme - Pilot Scheme (Skills Enhancement Courses)

To alleviate manpower shortage in construction industry, with the support of Development Bureau, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) launches the "Advanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme - Pilot Scheme (Skills Enhancement Courses)" to train up semi-skilled workers to become skilled workers.

This course is open for application by eligible semi-skilled workers who should apply at the trade unions offering the courses under this Scheme. Courses are tuition-free. Trainees who succeed in obtaining the skilled worker certification will be awarded a bonus of HK$8,000.

Courses by Trade Unions (Subject to Trade Unions announcement)

Courses Length of Training (Hours) Trade Unions
17 courses: Hong Kong Construction Industry Employees General Union (Enquiry: 2388 6887)
1. Bricklayer 75
2. Plumber 90
3. Metal Scaffolder
4. Metal Worker
5. Window Frame Installer
6. Bamboo Scaffolder
7. Carpenter (Formwork - Building / Civil Construction)
8. Refrigeration/Air-conditioning/Ventilation Mechanic (Unitary System)
9. Refrigeration/Air-conditioning/Ventilation Mechanic (Electrical Control)
10. Fire Service Electrical Fitter
11. Joiner
12. Floor Layer (Timber Flooring)
13. Tiler 105
14. Plasterer
15. Bar Bender and Fixer 106
16. Electrical Wireman
17. Painter and Decorator
7 courses: The Federation of Hong Kong Electrical & Mechanical Industries Trade Unions; or

Hong Kong Kowloon Electrical Engineering & Appliances Trade Workers Union (Enquiry: 2393 6285)
1. Communication System Mechanic 90
2. Control Panel Assembler
3. Fire Service Electrical Fitter
4. Plumber
5. Refrigeration / Air-conditioning /Ventilation Mechanic(Electrical Control)
6. Refrigeration / Air-conditioning /Ventilation Mechanic(Unitary System)
7. Electrical Wireman 106
5 courses: Construction Site Workers General Union (Enquiry: 2789 2701 or 2770 8668)
1. Metal Scaffolder 90
2. Plumber
3. Carpenter (Formwork - Building Construction)
4. Bar Bender and Fixer 106
5. Electrical Wireman

Commencement Date
Details to be Announced by Trade Unions

Length of Training
Offering 75 hours, 90 hours, 105 hours and 106 hours (according to trade) in both classroom and workshop trainings.

Trainee Eligibility

i) A semi-skilled workers of the same trade with at least 1 year post-qualification relevant working experience;

ii) For those who have not taken the applied relevant trade under the CIC’s or the Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC)’s Advanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme – Pilot Scheme offered or funded by the CIC and the HKIC over one year prior to application; and

iii) Working experience are verified by employers/trade Unions.


Application Form

Scheme information

CIC Enquiry
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