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ZCB Tree Adoption Campaign

ZCB Tree Adoption Campaign

Planting for the Low Carbon Future

Blue skies, clean oceans and green mountains are gifts from the mother earth. We all want to preserve them for our next generation.
The more we protect the Earth now, the better it will be for our future.


ZCB is the first zero carbon building in Hong Kong. 90% of the site is a landscape area including the first Urban Native Woodland in the territory.

Your Support

By adopting trees in ZCB you can help us to promote eco-building design and technologies to the construction industry and to advocate low carbon living to the public for improving the environment.

Token Recognition of Your Support

  1. A plaque printed with your specified name will be displayed on the tree
  2. You will receive a personalized adoption certificate (with a photo and fact sheet of the adopted tree)

How to Adopt a Tree:

  1. Select a tree zone on the map
  2. Fill in the form of "Tree Adoption Campaign"
  3. Submit the completed form and a crossed cheque to ZCB (Please refer to the submission method for details)
  4. Within 2 months after receiving the completed form and the payment, ZCB will arrange to display a plaque printed with your chosen name on the tree in the Tree Adoption Zone selected by you and send the adoption certificate to you by mail.

Download the Form and Adopt Now!

Last Updated: 2018-07-23 10:27:07