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Background of ZCB

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing mankind. The Hong Kong SAR Government is embarking upon a series of measures to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and has proposed a target of reducing 50% to 60% Carbon Intensity by 2020 on the 2005 basis.

In Hong Kong, buildings account for 60% of total GHG emissions, more than any other sectors. By transforming the built environment to be more energy-efficient and climate-friendly, the building sector can play a major role in reducing the threat of climate change.

As such, the construction industry has a significant role to play in GHG emissions reduction. Within the ambit of the Construction Industry Council Ordinance, one of the functions of the Construction Industry Council (CIC) is to promote good practices in the construction industry in relation to environmental protection, sustainable construction and other areas conducive to improving construction quality. On this basis, CIC, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Government, developed the ZCB, the Hong Kong's first zero carbon building.

A Task Force consisted of top green building specialists, engineers and key stakeholders was specifically set up to steer the entire process of this project development. All relevant professional institutions and stakeholders provided valuable inputs to the making of ZCB through an extensive consultation programme.

ZCB is a pioneering and inspiring project. It will not only serve as a platform for the construction industry to share knowledge and expertise in low/zero carbon building design and technologies, but also help to raise community awareness of low carbon living.

Key Milestones of the ZCB

October 2010 Project Inception
April 2011 Commencement of feasibility study and design
July 2011 Commencement of site preparation
September 2011 Commencement of construction
May 2012 Unveiling of logo design and official name
June 2012 Completion of construction
June 2012 Grand opening
January 2013 Public opening

The English name “ZCB” is an acronym for “Zero Carbon Building” and sounds like "sexy bee" which is a symbol of sustainability and easy to remember. Its Chinese name “零碳天地” literally means “Zero Carbon World”. Both names are the winning submissions of a naming competition that attracted more than 1,700 entries.

On 26 June 2012, a grand opening ceremony was held to celebrate the completion of ZCB, which was officiated by Mr. John Tsang, Financial Secretary and Mr. Lee Shing-see, Chairman of CIC. On 5 January 2013, ZCB was officially opened to public. It targets to attract over 40,000 visitors a year and welcomes visits upon prior appointment.

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