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Find Certified Carbon Auditor

Find Certified Carbon Auditor

Surname First Name Registration
Construction Product
Cement Structural Steel/
Reinforcing Bar
CHAN Chi Hei 13/11/2014 Y    
CHAN Shu Tim 22/04/2014 Y    
CHEEMA Bikramjit Singh 12/02/2015     Y
CHEUNG Chin Keung 11/04/2014 Y Y Y
CHOW Hon Pan Ryan 11/04/2014   Y  
CHOW Tsz Shan 08/12/2014 Y    
HO Ho Yin Patrick 11/04/2014 Y    
HO Ka Lok 12/02/2015     Y
KWONG Chun Long 30/7/2015     Y
LAM Chun Tak, John 16/4/2015     Y
LAM Shan Shan 08/12/2014 Y   Y
LAW Tsui Yuen 03/03/2015 Y Y  
LIN Chia-Hung 31/10/2014   Y  
LO Hon Sing, Calvin 11/9/2015     Y
LUI Kwan Fu 22/04/2014 Y Y  
NG Pui Lam 19/09/2014   Y  
PANG On Kit, Clement 26/02/2015     Y
SZETO Yuk Pui 12/02/2015     Y
TSE Chi Hin, Eddie 02/05/2014 Y Y Y
WONG Thian Jye 09/10/2014 Y Y  
WONG Yat Hang, Felix 11/04/2014 Y Y  
WONG Yu Lam 02/05/2014 Y    
WONG Julie 11/04/2014   Y  
YEUNG Sai Kit 22/1/2015     Y

A Certified Carbon Auditor is qualified to carry out carbon auditing and reporting for specific product categories valid for 3 years from the registration date.

Last update: 13/06/2014

Last Updated: 2018-07-23 10:27:06