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Urban Native Woodland

Urban Native Woodland

An urban native woodland is a woodland in an urban area with all plant species being native.

In the open area of ZCB, there is the first urban native woodland in Hong Kong. With 220 native trees of over 40 different species and diverse array of native shrubs, the woodland covers an area of about 2,000m2, or 13% of the total ZCB site area.

The diversity of native species enhances biodiversity, providing food and shelter to attract native wildlife into the city. This woodland creates a high quality ecosystem embedded in a built-up area of the city, benefitting both wildlife and people.

The species in the urban native woodland are chosen based on four cardinal criteria: (1) diversity of species composition; (2) diversity of tree grown size and form; (3) suitability food and shelter for native wildlife; and (4) suitability as ornamental flowers or fruits.

The planting pattern is random to best emulate the natural woodland, where small trees are interspersed amongst medium and large trees, creating a dense tree canopy when mature. Some trees with ornamental traits have been selected to improve visual amenity.

This woodland not only offers a pleasant natural aroma and fresh oxygen, but it also removes gaseous and particulate air pollutants to improve air quality.


Types of vegetation that can be found in ZCB include:


  • Alangium chinense (native species)
  • Antidesma bunius (native species)
  • Aquilaria sinensis (native species)
  • Artocarpus hypargyreus (native species)
  • Bauhinia blakeana (native species)
  • Bauhinia purpurea
  • Bauhinia variegata
  • Bischofia javanica (native species)
  • Bridelia tomentosa (native species)
  • Camellia crapnelliana (native species)
  • Camellia granthamiana (native species)
  • Camellia hongkongensis (native species)
  • Castanopsis fissa (native species)
  • Cassia siamea
  • Cassia surattensis
  • Celtis sinensis (native species)
  • Cinnamomum burmannii (native species)
  • Cinnamomum camphora (native species)
  • Cleistocalyx operculatus (native species)
  • Cratoxylum cochinchinense (native species)
  • Dalbergia balansae (native species)
  • Elaeocarpus chinensis (native species)
  • Elaeocarpus decipiens
  • Ficus microcarpa (native species)
  • Ficus superba var. japonica (native species)
  • Ficus variolosa (native species)
  • Ficus variegata (native species)
  • Ficus virens var. sublanceolata (native species)
  • Garcinia oblongifolia (native species)
  • Hibiscus tiliaceus (native species)
  • Ilex rotunda var. microcarpa (native species)
  • Lagerstroemia speciosa
  • Liquidambar formosana (native species)
  • Litsea cubeba (native species)
  • Litsea glutinosa (native species)
  • Machilus breviflora (native species)
  • Machilus chekiangensis (native species)
  • Machilus chinensis (native species)
  • Machilus velutina (native species)
  • Manglietia fordiana (native species)
  • Osmanthus fragrans
  • Plumeria rubra var. acutifolia
  • Pyrus calleryana (native species)
  • Reevesia thyrsoidea (native species)
  • Rhodoleia championii (native species)
  • Sapium sebiferum (native species)
  • Schefflera heptaphylla (native species)
  • Schima superba (native species)
  • Sterculia lanceolata (native species)
  • Syzygium hancei (native species)
  • Tabebuia impetiginosa
  • Tutcheria spectabilis (native species)
  • Viburnum odoratissimum (native species)


  • Ficus microcarpa 'Golden Leaves'
  • Gardenia jasminoides (native species)
  • Gardenia jasminoides var. fortuniana
  • Gordonia axillaris (native species)
  • Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
  • Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (red)
  • Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (yellow)
  • Hymenocallis littoralis
  • Ixora chinensis (native species)
  • Ligustrum sinense (native species)
  • Loropetalum chinense f. rubrum
  • Melastoma candidum (native species)
  • Melastoma sanguineum (native species)
  • Monstera deliciosa
  • Murraya paniculata
  • Osmanthus fragrans 'sijigui'
  • Philodendron scandens
  • Pittosporum tobira
  • Rhapis excelsa
  • Rhaphiolepis indica (native species)
  • Rhododendron simsii (native species)
  • Rhodomyrtus tomentosa (native species)
  • Schefflera arboricola 'Variegata'
  • Phragmites australis (used in wetland)


  • Arachis duranensis
  • Asparagus densiflorus cv. 'Myers'
  • Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri'
  • Buxus sinica
  • Dianella ensifolia 'Silvery Stripe'
  • Juniperus horizontalis
  • Liriope spicata (native species)
  • Neottopteris nidus (native species)
  • Nephrolepis auriculata (native species)
  • Ophiopogon japonicus 'Variegata'
  • Sansevieria trifasciata 'Laurentii'
  • Syngonium podophyllum 'Variegata'


  • Paspalum vaginatum
  • Zoysia japonica
  • Axonopus compressus (used instead of Mulch)


  • Ficus pumila (native species)

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