Enhanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme


The construction sector is one of the driving forces behind Hong Kong’s economy. In anticipation of the increasing demand of construction manpower, for the upcoming ten major infrastructural projects, railway construction, urban renewal, maintenance, building construction as well as the environmental protection projects, CIC, under the support of Development Bureau of the HK SAR Government, introduced the Enhanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme (ECMTS). By providing higher training allowance, and placement services to the graduates, CIC believes we would train suitable construction personnel to suit the demand of the industry.

During their training at CIC, most of the trainees are entitled a monthly training allowance of upto $9,000 (Including a maximum monthly training allowance of $6,750, plus *Course Completion Allowance $2,250). The lessons hold five and half days per week. Monday to Friday: 08:20am -04:20pm; Saturady: 08:20am -12:30pm. Placement services will be provided for the graduates.

Courses in other trades could be commenced for group enrolment with more than 10 persons. Please complete the On-line Enquiries or call 2100 9000 for more information.

*Allowance will only paid in one lot, upon completion of the course and passed the Intermediate Trade Test or internal examinations.


List of Courses

Course Duration Training Content  Training Venue
Metal Scaffolding (Civil Engineering and Building Construction)
Registration Semi-skilled Worker
(After completion of the course and gain 4 years or above of experiences in the industry , will be eligible to become a competent person to issue "Form 5" under the "Code of Practice for Metal Scaffolding Safety" issued by the Commissioner for Labour . For inquiries of issuance of Form 5 or other related qualifications, please contact Labour Department.
30 days • Temporary supports (scaffold) and struts of civil engineering, bridges and house construction
• Single-tube support (top installation), heavy-duty (square pillar) support and connection in civil engineering & bridge and house construction
• Learning proper storage and repair and maintenance of metal scaffolding and accessories of civil engineering, bridges and house construction
• Safety Training Course for Certified Workers of Confined Spaces Operation and Intermediate test (Metal Scaffolding)
• Sheung Shui
Registration Semi-skilled Worker
75 days • Learning metal properties, tools and mechanical devices
• Electric arc welding/cutting Semi-automatic and automatic arc welding
• Oxy-acetylene gas welding / Cutting
• Thermal Stress / Residual stress and Deformation
• Quality inspection of welds
• PPE for Welding
• Intermediate Trade Test of General Welding
• Sheung Shui
#Plumbing & Pipe-Fitting
(Building Construction)
90 days • Reading and understanding pipe construction chart, drawing and construction specifications and understanding respective quality systems
• Instaling/repairing/maintaining sewerage system, water supply system and commonly used sanitary appliances
• Certification Course for Person Working on Endless Winder Mode of Temporary Suspended Working Platform (Gondola)
• Safety Training Course for Certified Workers of Confined Spaces
• One Day Gas Welding Safety Training
• Intermediate Trade Test
• Kwai Chung


Admission Requirements

* With immediate effect, the objective of this measure is to attract more new talents to join the construction workforce to maintain the sustainability of the industry.

# Course with an "#" indicates that applicants need to obtain with Form 3 or above secondary school educational level

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