For Experienced Practitioners

The CIC offers a very comprehensive range of Part-time Courses. The majority of the Part-time Courses are intended for the in-service construction personnel of different levels who require retraining and upgrading either in their technical skills, safety, theoretical knowledge or in their management know-how; and these courses serve as a form of continuing education in-service. Some of these Courses are offered on an open basis for the whole industry, whilst an increasing number of Courses are tailor-made to suit the individual needs of construction companies and other related organisations.

The range of Part-time Courses offered by the CIC can be classified into four main categories :

Skills Enhancement Courses

Safety Related Courses

Technology & Management Related Courses

Advanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme - Pilot Scheme (Skills Enhancement Courses) (Organised by related unions)

Advanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme - Pilot Scheme (Skills Enhencement Courses) (Organised by CIC)