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In order to build up a pool of capable and responsible subcontractors with specialized skills and strong professional ethics, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) has introduced a registration scheme for trade subcontractors taking part in building and engineering works.

Functions and Structure

The Subcontractor Registration Scheme (the Scheme) has been implemented in phases, at first of which comprises a Primary Register with relatively simple and accommodating entry requirements. Subject to response and feedback from the industry, further phases boasting more stringent criteria and grading of individual capacity will be rolled out in future.

Administration Framework

The Scheme will be overseen by a management committee made up of representatives from major Industry stakeholders formed under auspices of the CIC. With the support of the CIC Secretariat, the Management Committee assumes the responsibility for enforcing the registration rules and procedures, screening and approving applications for registration, as well as instigating regulatory actions under justifiable circumstances stipulated under a set of rules and procedures.

Who Should Register?

The Scheme is designed with a broad coverage catering for subcontractors engaged in the first tier to labour-only subcontractors paid on piecework basis. Subcontractors may apply for registration in one or more of 52 trades covering common structural, civil, finishing, E&M works and supporting services.

Industry Support

All major client organizations and contractors trade associations have pledged support for the Scheme. Main contractors will be required to engage registered subcontractors for new projects commissioned after the successful launch of the Scheme or will be granted credits in the selection process for doing so.

Supporting Organizations

Benefits of Registration

The Scheme offers both tangible and intangible benefits. Apart from gaining a direct affiliation with the CIC, registered subcontractors will enjoy enhanced recognition and visibility as an active partner in industry reforms. Their company names will be posted on a website accessible by all major client organizations and become part of an expanding business network. Finally, they will receive regular publications and invitations to participate in seminars or other activities organized by the CIC.

Future Development

After gaining a critical mass of registered subcontractors, the Scheme will evolve into a platform for the launching of new improvement initiatives through collaboration with training institutions, professional bodies and tertiary institutions. Whilst the preference is to rely on self-regulation by the industry, a review will be conducted in due course to assess the need to go down the route of mandatory registration. 

Download Leaflet of the Scheme

Last Updated: 2019-02-28 19:08:00