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About the Scheme



Launched in 2019, the Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme (the Scheme) was an industry-wide driven and recognised registration scheme in Hong Kong for specialist trade contractors established by the Construction Industry Council (CIC).  It comprises Registered Specialist Trade Contractors of seven specialist trades and Registered Subcontractors of other common trades. The Scheme earmarks a significant milestone in subcontractor registration mechanism in Hong Kong.


The Scheme aims to build up a pool of professional and responsible trade contractors with specialised skills through recognised registration system for development of the construction industry.

Benefits of Registration

Registered Companies-

  • Enjoy enhanced recognition as they fulfill the registration requirements and performance standard of the Scheme.

  • Increase visibility and expand business network with registered company particulars posted on the Scheme website accessible by all construction industry stakeholders.

  • Obtain the latest industry and the CIC news and events for the sake of their network building and development.

Supporting Organisations

Trade Divisions

Registered Specialist Trade Contractors are applicable for the seven Designated Trades of –

  • Demolition

  • Scaffolding

  • Concreting formwork

  • Reinforcement bar fixing

  • Concreting

  • Erection of concrete precast component

  • Curtain wall

Registered Subcontractors are applicable for other common civil, building, electrical and mechanical trades. 

Core Elements for Registration

  • Safety

  • Management

  • Job Experience*

  • Execution

  • Finance

* Applicable for Registered Subcontractors

Regulatory Actions

The Scheme shall instigate regulatory actions on cases such as court conviction or violation of laws, as well as breach of the RSTCS Rules and Procedures.  When there is a prima facie case, a hearing will be conducted by the Committee on Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme.  Regulatory actions imposed would be published on the Scheme website.  An independent appeal mechanism is established to handle appeal cases. 

Download Leaflet of the Scheme

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