Advanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme - Pilot Scheme (Structured On-the-job)

To alleviate manpower shortage in construction industry, with the support of Development Bureau, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) launches the "Advanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme - Pilot Scheme (Structured On-the-job)" to train up semi-skilled workers to become skilled workers.

This scheme is open for application by employers. Prior to joining the scheme, employers are required to hire the semi-skilled workers they intend to upskill. The employers, main contractors, sub-contractors, trade associations and the members(employers) of trade unions who are interested in the Scheme need to submit an application form and other relevant documents. After the approval of the application, the employer will receive a written notice from the CIC. The training periods are set from 1 to 2 years depending on individual trades.

There are 23 trades in this Pilot Scheme
  1. Bamboo Scaffolder
  2. Bar Bender and Fixer
  3. Bricklayer and Plasterer
  4. Bricklayer and Tiler
  5. Carpenter (Formwork - Building / Civil Construction)
  6. Concretor
  7. Construction Plant Mechanic
  8. Drainlayer
  9. Electrical Wireman
  10. Fire Service Electrical Fitter
  11. Fire Service Mechanical Fitter
  12. General Welder
  13. Ground Investigation Operator
  14. Leveller
  15. Marble Worker (Polishing / Fixing)
  16. Metal Scaffolder
  17. Metal Worker
  18. Painter and Decorator
  19. Plumber
  20. Refrigeration / Air-conditioning / Ventilation Mechanic (Air System)
  21. Rigger / Metal Formwork Erector
  22. Tower Crane Erection & Dismantling Workers’ Assistant
  23. Tunnel Worker

Enquiries: 2100 9000

Application Form


(Last Modified: 19.12.2017)