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Chairman Message

Chairman Message

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Mr. Thomas HO,JP

Innovation is our future.

The construction industry is often considered as traditional and, in Hong Kong, in particular, it has seen slowing productivity and increasing costs in recent years. Technology, however, has been accelerating the pace of development for the society, and in face of the challenges ahead we must change and transform for a better performance. The CITAC is set up with the aim to explore and identify innovative techniques and technologies, both locally and internationally, that are suitable for adoption in the Hong Kong construction industry, to bring greater productivity, sustainability and safety.

CITAC would also serve as a platform to facilitate mutual exchange of ideas and information; and strengthen collaboration. Together we can create greater synergy.

As the Chairman of the CITAC, I welcome your views on how we can work better to innovate for our future. Your participation is the key to our success!

Last Updated: 2019-02-28 19:09:30