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Our Board

Mr. Thomas HO, JP
Mr. Thomas HO, JP, Chief Executive of Gammon Construction, has served the construction industry for over 30 years. Aspiring to transforming the construction industry with innovation, he has advocated the setup of CITAC and spearheaded efforts to introduce new methodologies and technologies to the industry.
Thomas has forged partnerships in the development of technology, for example, he has initiated the CEO Safety Forum to drive changes across the safety systems with new thinking and technology applications. Under his leadership, Gammon is the first construction company in Hong Kong to develop virtual reality gaming technology for safety training and to make use of robotics for construction. He also promotes the adoption of BIM, DfMA, photogrammetry and others in design and construction processes.
Mr. Oscar WONG
Prof. Christopher LEUNG
Dr. CHEUNG Tin-cheung
Ir Vincent MAK
Mr. Donald CHOI
Mr. Berny NG
Mr. Eric CHONG
Mr. PAN Shu-jie
Ir Albert CHENG
Co-opted Members
Mr. WONG Chi-kwong

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