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Construction Industry “Anti-epidemic Fund” Application (Registered Construction Workers)

Apply for Construction Industry “Anti-epidemic Fund” (Registered Construction Workers)
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Applicants must be registered construction workers, and during the period from 1 January 2019 to 19 February 2020 have daily attendance records in the submission by principal contractors under the Construction Workers Registration Ordinance (Cap. 583).

Application Notes:

For details, please view our video.

How to Apply:

Applications must be made by electronic means. Applicants have to download the “Safety App” App first.

Simple Steps to submit Application:

  1. Please open the downloaded “Safety App” App;
  2. Choose the “Construction Industry Anti-Epidemic Fund”;
  3. Carefully read the “Terms and Conditions” and press “AGREE”;
  4. Enter your Construction Workers Registration Card number;
    (If the applicant meets the application requirements, he/she will be able to proceed with the application, otherwise the procedure will be stopped here.)
  5. Enter a mobile phone number for contact purpose;
  6. Enter information of the bank account to receive the subsidy, including bank name, name of account holder (the account holder must be the applicant or a joint account which include the applicant), as well as the account number, OR, (for applicant who does not have a bank account) his/her home address;
  7. Upload the image of supporting document of the above bank account OR, (for applicant who does not have a bank account) the image of the document proof of his/her home address;
    (Please note that the upload image should clearly show the information as indicated above, otherwise the application may not be successful and re-submission of application may be required.)
  8. Review all the information entered, press “CONFIRM” and the application procedure is completed;
  9. The applicant will immediately receive a confirmation number for record purpose, and will also receive an SMS message via mobile phone on the same day;
  10. For more application details, please download HERE;
  11. Download the “Safety App” App below: 

    QR code for both.png

    For Andriod and iOS

Documents Required:

  1. Construction Workers Registration Card;
  2. Mobile Phone Number for contact purpose; and
  3. Image of bank account document for auto-payment of subsidy, such as the first page of the bank book, bank card, bank statement etc. (the document should clearly show the bank name, name of account holder and account number); OR,
  4. For applicant who does not have a bank account, the applicant may choose to have the subsidy paid by bearer cheque to be mailed to his/her home address. The applicant is required to declare that he/she has no bank account and acknowledge that the subsidy will be paid in 5-6 weeks. The applicant must provide image of address proof which must be public utilities statement within the past 3 months, such as water bill, electricity bill etc. (the document should clearly show applicant’s name and address.)

Service Pledge:

Applicants will normally receive the subsidy within 2 to 3 weeks (via auto-payment) / within 5-6 weeks (via bearer cheque mailed to applicant’s home address) after they have successfully submitted the application. The applicants will be notified via SMS message once the auto-payment is made or when the bearer cheque is mailed.

Note to Applicant 

Frequently Asked Questions




Hotline: 3199 7377


Fax: 2100 9090

Construction Industry Council reserves the right to modify or amend the Terms and Conditions from time to time.

Last Updated: 2020-08-05 15:31:37